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RIAT Arrivals 2019 - Live Thread

Post your Airshow, Event, Families day's, flypast photos etc in here for all to see.
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Re: RIAT Arrivals 2019 - Live Thread

Post by Yammer » Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:19 am

TomTwin - thanks for posting the images - they are great scene setters as they are - if people want watermark free then please come on down to the event and shoot.
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Re: RIAT Arrivals 2019 - Live Thread

Post by Bilvo » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:23 am

Thunder wrote:
Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:14 am
You can embed your copyright details into the image exif, which saves messing around with watermarks.

However due to the nature of the pictures/event, I don’t find the watermark overly intrusive.
No issue with the watermark whatsoever and this is an awesome set of images, thank you for posting these up from someone who can not make it this year, gives a real flavour of the show to come - very much appreciated :thumb:

In regard to the copyright info, yes, you can embed your copyright details in the image EXIF data... all of which can be stripped from the image and replaced by anyone with the software to do so, replacing your copyright info with theirs :grr: It is far from fool proof and does not stop images from being stolen!

There are also other ways of obtaining copies of any image from the internet without having to right click and "save as" - in these instances NO EXIF data is even saved with the image, it is pretty much a waste of time adding your copyright info to the EXIF data unless you WATERMARK them :clap:
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Re: RIAT Arrivals 2019 - Live Thread

Post by Nighthawke » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:38 am

The subject of watermarks has been debated several times on this forum. People get grumpy because others' photographs are not to their own liking. Unsurprisingly there have been just a couple of complainers on this thread with approx 5,500 views.

The general opinion in the past has been largely "don't like, don't look". Chris - by your own admission there will be plenty more to see - so hopefully they will be more to your taste. :)

The photographs are the property of the photographer and it is up to them how they are presented.

My personal opinion - great set of shots Tom - Thanks - no need to defend yourself or change anything IMHO.

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Re: RIAT Arrivals 2019 - Live Thread

Post by TomTwin » Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:30 pm

Thanks again everyone for all comments and feedback, much appreciated!

I hope all who went enjoyed the show, and all those who couldn’t make it will do for next years event!

I’m writing this with a melancholy feeling and a small tear in my eye, full in the knowledge that the Aviation extravaganza we all enjoy is over for another year. Still, got 360 days until the next one, plenty of time to get excited all over again!

Our set shall be up when we can get round to editing all the images we can, a fair few 000’s to go through. Will post a large set, just as a heads up for everyone.

Hope to see everyone around, and that we will be privileged enough to provide a live thread next year, with the team’s permission.



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