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NCC Science Museum Wroughton

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NCC Science Museum Wroughton

Post by Ghost from above » Wed Jan 19, 2022 8:59 pm

What's that I hear you say

The National Collections Centre of the Science Museum is based at part of the former RAF Wroughton near Swindon.

This site is used to house a lot of oversize exhibits. Some gems are stored here such as a Blue Steel Missile and Folland Gnat XP505 wearing her raspberry ripple colours. There are a number of aircraft parts/ engines / missiles and even wind tunnel wooden models.
There are a number of civvy aircraft here as well such as DC-3 / Comet ( in Dan Air colours) Trident and the second best looking after the Gnat the UK's only Lockheed Constellation.
The site hasn't been open to the public very often over the years but here's hoping that they may do event days and bring these together. Make some great photos.
The websites not great but worth trolling through to see the extensive collections they have here.

Puff the Magic Dragon the original suppressor

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