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Royal Aeronautical Society Preston Insight into Electronic Warfare

Please post movements and activities to do with Warton Aerodrome here
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Royal Aeronautical Society Preston Insight into Electronic Warfare

Post by AndrewBarclay » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:33 am

This is a message for our recent new postees, like me you can become an outside member of the RAES Preston Branch for the princely sum of £ 5.00p
the branch meets on the second Wednesday of each Calendar month
at Warton each lecture is held in the lecture theatre entry via the reception
where an officer of the society will be on hand.

The lecture on Wednesday the 10th, April, 2019 Insight into Electronic
Warfare in Air Operations from Lightning and Vulcan until the end
of the Cold War.

The Lecture is by Gordon Slater Ex RAF EW Engineer covering his career
on joining BAE Systems at Warton. Lecture commences at 18.30pm.
https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9282274/r ... /F35Cracks at Mach 1
https://fighterjetsworld.com/air/fighte ... 127/Inside B52 in flight.T/O/Land.
Mig 31 attempts to intercept SR 71 https://theaviationgeekclub.com/sr-71-c ... rents-sea/

F16s shoot sown Iraqi Foxbat Mig 25 https://fighterjetsworld.com/air/first- ... aam/13095/

https://fighterjetsworld.com/weekly-art ... rope/4278/
How USA is getting ready for USSR invasion of Europe.
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Re: Royal Aeronautical Society Preston Branch.

Post by AndrewBarclay » Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:56 am

Apologies to those who want to see David Eagles " Memories of a Flying
Career" I should have mentioned that the lecture is "The Sir Freddie Page
Lecture" and it is held at the Canberra Club, Samlesbury.
NOTE this will be a ticketed event £5.00p. including buffet 6.0pm start.
Lecture 6.30pm due to road works in the Preston area I recommend the
motorway system.

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