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LOG Newcastle NCL/EGNT May 2021

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LOG Newcastle NCL/EGNT May 2021

Post by Hunter 02 » Fri Jun 11, 2021 1:57 pm

Newcastle Airport (all times stated are local)

Low approaches and circuits between approximately 13:35 and 14:45 - RAF Airbus A400M Atlas C1 ZM405 as 'Comet 458'
Low approaches between approximately 18:10 and 18:30 - RAF Boeing C17A Globemaster ZZ176 as 'Ascot 814'

Departed at 11:51 - RAF Leonardo AW109SP GrandNew GZ100 as 'Ascot 1101' to RAF Northolt via an undisclosed private landing site, Manchester Airport and Central London
Landed 12:20 - RAF Grob G120TP-A Prefect T1 ZM309 as 'Cranwell 68' from RAF Cranwell
Landed 12:42 - RAF Grob G120TP-A Prefect T1 ZM304 as 'Cranwell 90' from RAF Cranwell
Overshoot at 14:46 - RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 ZK436 as 'Typhoon 322'
Departed at 15:34 - RAF Grob G120TP-A Prefect T1 ZM309 as 'Cranwell 68' to RAF Cranwell
Departed at 15:39 - RAF Grob G120TP-A Prefect T1 ZM304 as 'Cranwell 90' to RAF Cranwell

Touch and goes between 16:56 and 17:13 - RAF Lockheed C130J Hercules C4 ZH875 as 'Ascot 134' from/to RAF Brize Norton via Prestwick and Newcastle

Departed at 11:18 - Royal Netherlands Navy NH industries NH90 N-195 as 'Guardian 27' after a fuel stop from Den Helder to Stornoway

Landed at 16:06 - The Queens Helicopter Flight Sikorsky S76C2 G-XXEB as 'Rainbow 1' from RAF Odiham

Low approaches between approximately 20:40 and 21:15 - RAF Beech Shadow R1 ZZ504 as 'Vulcan 54' from/to RAF Waddington

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