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FighterControl Forum Rules

Please read the rules before posting on the forum.
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FighterControl Forum Rules

Post by AeroResource » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:04 pm

These rules are set out by the Fighter Control team for the smooth running and for the respect to other members of the forum.
By registering as a member of the forum you agree to both the following terms and conditions and rules.

1 - No swearing or offensive language/behaviour of any nature in any section of the forum.

2 - This forum is a place for all ages of the aviation community, please respect this and do not post or link to derogatory or pornographic material.

3 - If you personally disagree with the actions of a moderator, please contact a senior team member via Private Message or Email explaining your problem. Do not post any problems publicly on the forum; this will result in action which result to you in having a yellow card and various privileges removed.

4 - Please be courteous and respectful to other Fighter Control community members at all times. Any posts designed to be deliberately confrontational or are "flamebate"/liabless will be deleted without warning and/or a ban will be put into effect. Do not post a remark that is purely to provoke another member. Think before you type. Discussions and debates are encouraged but not the sniping or provocation. Posts of such description can be brought to the attention of the Fighter Control team via the forum reporting function or private message.

5 - Please do not re-transmit any 'advanced' information posted on this forum if the 'posting member' requests it. Failure in this will result in a reduction in the amount of 'advanced' information divulged in the future. Please place a message to the effect at the top of your post if this is required... all other information that is obtained from other groups that is transferable must be credited with the source.

6 - Moderators can and will edit/delete posts or entire threads that are in breach of any rules without warning. However, a Private Message by the moderator in question will usually be sent explaining why the action has been taken with a link to these rules.

7 - Photographic images should only be posted in the Photo Sections and Maximum size is 1600 x 1200. However; special permission can be given for images to be posted in other areas of the forum by a moderator. If you want to add your images to another member's thread (and it has not been mentioned in the original post that it is acceptable) either ask permission to add your images to the thread, or start a thread of your own.

8 – This forum is concerned with military movements only. However Government aircraft which are pseudo-military are allowed as are Coastguard Aircraft of all nations.

9 - ALL posts must be made in English and readable with no text-speak at all. Text-speak is not regarded as a mode of communication here because it is pure idleness/laziness of the English Language. If you are in doubt of how to spell a word then please use google, a spell-checker or a dictionary.

Posts should never be made entirely with capital letters (neither should topic titles) - this is classed as shouting and is rude, posts should not be made-up entirely of lower-case letters either. Each sentence and thread-title should also start with a capital letter.

Can we remind all members to use grammar to the best of their abilities, we have a number of foreign members who are able to converse perfectly well in a language not their own - it is not beyond the realms of possibility that UK members should also be able to make themselves understood too.

10 - No DOUBLE posting, ie. same posting in two separate sections, this can only be achieved by Admin & Mods.

11 - Under NO circumstances is the Fighter Control name to be used to gain access or attempt to gain access to any show, airfield or airport establishment without the permission of an FC Admin. Failure to do this will result in an instant ban no questions asked.

12 - Personal attacks and aggressive behaviour via PM to any member of the FC Team will result in a yellow card being issued and the ability to post threads or PM's disabled for 2 weeks. Should there be a second incident an immediate ban will be issued with no appeal.

13 - All Posts are made by the author, and Fighter Control are in no way responsible/liable for the contents of that post.

14 - Admin reserves the rights to modify these rules at any time.

15 - Respect the decisions of the ADMINISTRATION TEAM.

16 - Fighter Control uses phpBB driven software, which creates a number of cookies. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded on to your computer's web browser temporary files. The first two cookies just contain a user identifier (hereinafter «user-id») and an anonymous session identifier (hereinafter «session-id»), automatically assigned to you by the phpBB software. A third cookie will be created once you have browsed topics within «our FORUMS» and is used to store which topics have been read, thereby improving your user experience.

17 - For those who are just visiting the Forum and who subsequently decide to join, please note that all account activations are done manually. That way we can check for known spammers, trouble-makers, advertisers etc. Please do not attempt to join the Forum, using multiple Logon names and email addresses, if not instantly activated.

18 - Multiple logon names for any one user are forbidden, if you already have an account then do not register for an additional one.

19 - The use of ICAO and IATA codes purely as a means of identifying a location is formally not allowed. Those who wish to include ICAO and IATA codes along with airfield names please feel free, but as previously stated, the name of the airfield must be included first. Tacan beacon identifiers can still be used in the monitoring section as part of an airway but not the airfield itself.

20 - Making “nice shot” , “thanks” or similar posts to get above the post limit to access certain sections is forbidden and will result in the post being removed and in certain circumstances your account to be deleted.

Staff have the right to amend the rules at any time

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