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Log Barkston and Cranwell 16/07/20

Please post movements and activities to do with RAF Cranwell and Barkston Heath here
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Log Barkston and Cranwell 16/07/20

Post by F8EFN » Fri Jul 17, 2020 5:50 am

16JY20 Barkston Heath 09:00
ZM304 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM308 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM309 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM313 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM317 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM318 Prefect T1 3FTS

16JY20 Cranwell 09:30-11:30
ZM300 Prefect T1 3FTS c/s"CWL61"
ZM301 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM303 Prefect T1 3FTS c/s"CWL96"
ZM305 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM306 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM314 Prefect T1 3FTS c/s"CWL94"
ZM315 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM321 Prefect T1 3FTS
ZM333 Phenom T1 45(R)Sqn
ZM335 Phenom T1 45(R)Sqn
ZM336 Phenom T1 45(R)Sqn
????? AW109SP 32Sqn c/s"ASCOT1233"
G-XXEB S76C Queens Flt c/s"RAINBOW1R"
G-BYUX Tutor T1 6FTS
G-BYUN Tutor T1 6FTS
G-BYUZ Tutor T1 6FTS
G-BYUW Tutor T1 6FTS

Is anyone able to help with the reg for the AW109?

Regards Ian

Andy Marden
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Re: Log Barkston and Cranwell 16/07/20

Post by Andy Marden » Fri Jul 17, 2020 9:11 am

GZ100 I believe

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Re: Log Barkston and Cranwell 16/07/20

Post by venom » Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:27 pm

fantastic log

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