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Starbucks' Collection

Do you collect patches or challenge coins, bought an interesting t-shirt from a base, some rare airshow programmes or even parts from military aircraft? This is the forum section for you!
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Starbucks' Collection

Post by Starbuck » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:34 pm

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to show you what I've collected recently, I'm mainly collecting Tornado items (Marham is my local base) and items related to the two USAF bases here in the UK.

Tornado Farewell patch set
ImageIMG_2068 by , on Flickr

31 Sqn patches
ImageIMG_2070 by , on Flickr

31 Sqn poker chips
ImageIMG_2073 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2074 by , on Flickr

All the weapons used by the Tornado are put around the edge of the poker chip.
ImageIMG_2075 by , on Flickr

31 Sqn dated coin
ImageIMG_2076 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2077 by , on Flickr

31 Sqn spinning coin
ImageIMG_2094 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2095 by , on Flickr

9 Sqn & Marham patches
ImageIMG_2071 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2078 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2079 by , on Flickr

617 Sqn Patches
ImageIMG_2069 by , on Flickr

Picked up this from the Marham Heritage Centre
ImageIMG_2067 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2083 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2091 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2092 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2093 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2088 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2089 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2090 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2072 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2080 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2081 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2082 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2096 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2097 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2098 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2087 by , on Flickr

Plus some nice tins to store it all in
ImageIMG_2084 by , on Flickr

Now on to the USAF stuff, (Thanks to Jolly Green for some of these)

The two F-15 patches I picked up from the 48th crews at the Duxford Airshow last year.
ImageIMG_2053 by , on Flickr

The 7th SOS items I picked up from the Osprey crew at last years Marham Friends & Families day.
ImageIMG_2054 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2056 by , on Flickr

They even have something to keep you can of drink cool.
ImageIMG_2057 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2058 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2059 by , on Flickr

I also got this little osprey from the 7th crew
ImageIMG_2062 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2063 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2061 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2060 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2066 by , on Flickr

Thanks for Jolly Green for this brilliant little herc.
ImageIMG_2064 by , on Flickr

ImageIMG_2065 by , on Flickr

And to finish off these patches sent from Grafik Aircraft
ImageIMG_2055 by , on Flickr

I am on the hunt for 9 & 31 squadron and Tornado related items (FACS patches a priority), F35 items and USAF Osprey items so if you have anything for sale please drop me a PM.

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Re: Starbucks' Collection

Post by Bobcode » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:42 pm

Crikey! Great collection there and superb definition pics :thumbs:

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Re: Starbucks' Collection

Post by TigerMeet4Ever » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:05 am

I will contact you by email.

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Re: Starbucks' Collection

Post by 633 squadron » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:41 pm

Awesome collection there! :Wow:
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Re: Starbucks' Collection

Post by Gingercake » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:38 pm

Great collection! :thumbs:

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Re: Starbucks' Collection

Post by Starbuck » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:06 pm

Thanks everyone, always on the lookout for more though. :thumb:

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Re: Starbucks' Collection

Post by Starbuck » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:25 pm

Missed getting a 9 Squadron FACS patch by £1, :Oops:

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