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B1B Tenor1-2 departing fairford (Headphones recommended)

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Mac-1 Media
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B1B Tenor1-2 departing fairford (Headphones recommended)

Post by Mac-1 Media » Sun Mar 31, 2024 6:02 pm

Hi all here is my video of Tenor12 B1B departure from RAF Fairford back to Ellsworth AFB after repairs.

Make sure you have headphones on and volume max to really FEEL THE POWER OF THE BONE.

did anyone notice the ground crew all touching the wing tip whilst taxiing out


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The Phantom
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Re: B1B Tenor1-2 departing fairford (Headphones recommended)

Post by The Phantom » Sun Apr 07, 2024 4:29 pm

Very nice. :thumb:
I must have been standing quite close to you.
I didn't notice it (touching the wingtip), but it was mentioned elsewhere and then I could see it after on my footage. A good luck thing.

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