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Cosford Show Log

Post information relating to Cosford airshow here.
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Cosford Show Log

Post by meld9003 » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:06 am

A bit late but hear is my log for the show. Limited civils and no pleasure flight helos hope this is of help and I have a couple of gaps which you may be able to fill

Ground Display near pedestrian entrance
XV 653 Sea King HAS6 (63)
XZ 659 Sea King HAS6 (62)
ZA 169 Sea King HAS6 (515/CW)
ZF 374 Tucano T1
262 Irish PC-9
267 Irish PC-9
XN 637 Jet Provost T3
XZ 598 Sea King HAR3 (N)
N324 Dutch NL 90
89+71 German Sea King HAS41
MM 81824 Italian AW 109 (15*52)
ZJ 235 Griffin HT1 (I)
XJ 729 Whirlwind HAR10
ZJ 276 Squirrel HT1 (276)
ZH 185 VigilantT1 (TX)
ZA 259 Venture (T)

By hangar 1
ZR 220 TSR2

Coach /car park
XV 202 C130H Hercules (202)

Front hangar 2
VR 259 Prentice T1 (M)
1365 Portugese Chipmunk
G-BCSL (WG 474) Chipmunk
G-CGKK Tutor T1
XW175 Harrier T4
ZH 796 Harrier FA2 (001/L)
ZA 323 Tornado GR1 (TAZ)
XX 748 Jaguar GR3A(EG)

hangar 2
G-CGKD Tutor T1
G-CGKE Tutor T1

hangar 3
XX 727 Jaguar GR1 (ER)
XX 821 Jaguar GR1 (P)
XX 967 Jaguar GR1 (AC)
XZ 370 Jaguar GR1 (JB)
ZA 169 Sea King HAS6 (515/CW)

Between hangar 3 & 4
XX 840 Jaguar GR (EY)
XX 965 Jaguar GR1A (C)
XX 969 Jaguar GR1 (01)
XX 837 Jaguar T2 (Z)
XX 738 Jaguar GR3A (ED)
XX 847 Jaguar T2 (EZ)
XZ 358 Jaguar GR1A (L)
XX 119 Jaguar GR3A (A)
ZB 615 Jaguar T2A

Back of hangar 4
XZ 383 Jaguar GR1 (AF)
ZA 320 Tornado GR1 (TAW)
XX 818 Jaguar GR1 (DE)
XX 968 Jaguar GR1(AJ)

Hard Area beyond hangar 4
XX 724 Jaguar GR3A (EC)
XX 725 Jaguar GR3A (T)
XX 727 Jaguar GR1 (ER)
XZ 991 Harrier GR3 (3A)

Grass Area opp hangar 3
ZJ 226 Apache

XX 959 Jaguar GR1 (CJ)
XX 976 Jaguar GR1 (BD)
XX 975 Jaguar GR1 (07)
XX 743 Jaguar GR1 (EG)
BS 435 Replica Spitfire
TW 536 Auster AOP6
TX 310 DH Rapide
G-AHKX Anson
311 High wing radial engine mono plane any help on this one ?

Flying /Flight Line
WD 413 Anson
R 4118 Hurricane
FA 136 Belgian F16
J 5012 Swiss AF F18
WM 167 Meteor
LF 363 Hurricane BBMF
PZ865 Hurricane BBMF
AB 910 Spitfire BBMF
TE 311 Spitfire BBMF
XW 324 Jet Provost
ZE 370 Sea King HAS3
G-CGKR Tutor T1
ZZ 330 Voyager
Yellow 10 Hispano Buchan
433915 Catalina
210855 P40-M
ZX 117 jaguar GR3 (ES) Fast taxi
XX 835 Jaguar T4 (EX) Fast Taxi
ZJ 184 Apache Demo pair
ZJ 205 Apache Demo Pair
ZA 713 Chinook HC2
ZJ 251 Squirrel (Red Arrows pilots)
ZJ 262 Squirrel As above
ZJ 272 Squirrel As above
Read Arrows Hawks
XX232, 325, 310, 322, 244, 177, 219, 319 & 323.

ZJ xxx Squirrel brought red ten in and then left serial unknown.

Some of locations are woolly but I hope this helps.

311 High wing mono plane (any help on this one ?)

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Re: Cosford Show Log

Post by StevenNFFC » Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:00 am

Squirrel HT1 ZJ251 brought in Red 10, then departed and brought back some of the other pilots as already noted in your log. Very good log.


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Re: Cosford Show Log

Post by CHESTER_DRAWERS » Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:21 pm


Thanks for taking the trouble to post ...

I have a couple of ammendments for you though ... You have XX727 logged twice - once in hangar 3 and the second entry in the Hard Area beyond hangar 4 ... the second entry is correct ... you also have XX 724 logged - I'm not so sure about this one ? The jaguar in question was behind XX727 the reg wasnt visible but the tail and nosewheel door have the code JC not EC ... which makes it XZ374... and one more slight ammend for you one of the the taxi-ing Jag's was XZ117 not ZX117...



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