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Duxford September Airshow 2014

Post information relating to any Duxford show here.
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Re: Duxford September Airshow 2014

Post by redeye11 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 11:49 pm

I attended the Dunsfold show on the first day and the Vulcan-3 Gnats group did two full passes in
formation and then the Vulcan did its normal full display. Would think the same for Duxford but who knows ?

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Re: Duxford September Airshow 2014

Post by NickC » Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:05 am

Likely to be the same I guess, but as you say, who knows.

According to Pen Pusher's post from yesterday it's going to be the red Gnats flying with the Vulcan, not all three. Should still be great to see though.

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Re: Duxford September Airshow 2014

Post by Dave1316 » Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:08 pm

Excuse my ignorance guys, it'll be my first time attending Duxford, is there a scanning channel available?
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Re: Duxford September Airshow 2014

Post by TankBuster » Sat Sep 13, 2014 9:17 pm

558 was at her best today :thumbs: .

Three passes with the Gnats before they broke away and she went into her display, although I felt sorry for the crowds at the Eastern end of the airfield as 558 seemed to be mainly using the Western end to carry out her display routine.
Best bit was the full power climb out at the end of the display when she departed with a roaring howl directly above the crowds gathered around the Land Warfare Hall. That is the first time I have ever stood directly under a roaring Vulcan, it made me smile from ear to ear... The icing on the cake of an absolutely awesome day today :thumb: .

The car park was a bit of a oh fudge to get out of, but it really didn't matter as we'd had such a fab day!!!

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Re: Duxford September Airshow 2014

Post by C24 » Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:38 am

A word of thanks to the organisers & participants for an interesting and varied airshow. A bit of a slow start but it soon picked up and finished in style with the Hunter's display.
The Great War aircraft show was imaginative, shame that the little Fokkers were not closer. Lots of young children who seemed to be enjoying the sights and sounds - augurs well for the future.

Downside? It has to be the lack of loos and the poor state of those that were available. Postage is too much!

Postage on the envelope was £1.60, IWM charged £3.00 :S
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Re: Duxford September Airshow 2014

Post by Pune » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:05 pm

The best moment of the Sunday show for me (apart from the flying of course) was the fabulous lady in the enclosure next to the Friends area, she kicked off big time at the selfish moronic people that all stood up and went to the fence line when the Lancasters arrived, spoiling the view for those that stayed seated, as you should...we had a few idiots in the Friends area that did the same but they were also told by the stewards to sit down very swiftly, marvellous stuff, RIAT organisers take note.
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Re: Duxford September Airshow 2014

Post by KevinR » Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:56 pm

Absolutely fantastic day, made even better by getting a photo of the 2 Lancs as they flew over Sally B as she was taxiing out to the runway.

Felt sorry for those stuck in the traffic, but it was always going to be a busy day - 24,000 through the gates on Sunday !

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