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Waddington 2014 What did you think

Post information relating to the Waddington airshow here.
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Re: Waddington 2014 What did you think

Post by peasus911 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:04 pm

Overall the show was a big hit with me. Got into the airfield this year instead of the field by the camp site. Decided to set up camp by my car in front of the Warfare Centre. I had no speakers up with me so did not hear the commentary. Flying content was very good, people started to leave after the Vulcan to miss the jams but In felt they missed one of the star turns of the show in the Canberra and Hunter, just so smooth.
I also saw the Astor/Merlin head to head, felt a bit uneasy for a while but was very entertaining.
Camped this year on sat, arrived early on Sunday's show and stayed to the very end, drive out was lovely.
Overall I would give the show full marks and would be sorry to see this show off the Calendar for good. See you in 2016 hopefully. :clap:

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Richard B
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Re: Waddington 2014 What did you think

Post by Richard B » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:19 pm

Top show with a good mix of old and new, perfect balance with the RAF supporting the classic jet scene.
without such bookings we will lose such types, also gives people who take on these project the incentive that they can
get bookings and make it cost effective.
Without the classic jets etc, future shows will soon look very sparse so a big hand for the waddo team for looking ahead.

Carparking good as normal, traffic management seemed well executed driving onto base and off in minutes.
for the money the show is hard to beat, long may it continue.

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