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Park and view west Monday

Post information relating to the Royal International Air Tattoo here.
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Re: Park and view west Monday

Post by adimale1981 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:14 pm

No source, just going on the significant increase in the number and size of the confirmations compared to the last few years. They would never all fit, and I recall that was how it was when I was younger.

Plus, I always thought that was just a way to pad out the static.

I'll have a look at the cones later as that's a good indicator.

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Re: Park and view west Monday

Post by Droptank » Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:32 pm

It's really difficult to state what will or won't happen and which end is best-so many influencing factors without taking the wind direction into account which makes
things interesting if it changes!...I've seen that before now...bit like the start at Le Mans in days gone by when it happens.

As I mentioned, last year, most of the display fighters were parked on the dispersal closest to the Western end of the runway, offering good taxi shots whenever they
moved out and back in for/from practice displays.

I appreciate that may have changed (subject to confirmation) this year due to the number of aircraft expected on static but in addition, most of the big stuff parks up that end so you are presented with good close-ups of those aircraft when they arrive and taxi into stands at the Western end of the airfield.

In previous years, the Air Traffic guys have gone to great lengths to ask pilots to taxi to the Western end of the runway and use the loop, even if then back-tracking,
again, this offers good photographic opportunities- the F35's, although operating from the Eastern dispersals came around the loop and looked great last year as did the colourful
GAF Typhoons.

So don't write the Western P&V off completely, you're just not guaranteed to see everything close up but the opportunities vary a bit more than landing/approach shots
and you are guaranteed a picture of a Jordanian C130 with a flag sticking out of the observation dome!

Hope that helps.


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Re: Park and view west Monday

Post by trotsenstein » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:13 pm

Thanks for the info on getting to P&V west, hopefully I'll get there ok this time
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