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Yokota 5th November

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:34 am
by eagle driver
A log for Yokota posted by Masanori Ogawa Credit Namar
C-17A AK 00-0174 176Wg
C-17A 05-5144 452AMW/AFRC
C-17A 06-6164 60AMW
C-17A 07-7170,07-7177 436AW
C-17A 07-7178 305AMW
C-17A 08-8201 62AW
C-17A 09-9208 437AW
VC-25A 82-8000 89AW arr as 'Sam745'
VC-25A 92-8000 89AW arr as 'AirForce1'
OC-135B OF 61-2670 55Wg
F-16C WWyw 90-0816 35FW displayed in hangar
F-35B VK02/169166,VK09/169295 VMFA-121 displayed in hangar
VH-3D 159358,159359 HMX-1
MH-60S NF01/167835,NF02/168533 HSC-12
UH-60L 96-22694,96-26702,96-26716 AvnBn Japan
B.757 N752CX ATI
B.767 N178DN Delta

Based 374AW
C-130J YJrd 06-4633,08-3177,08-8604,14-5807"374AW",15-5810"374OG",15-5813"36AS",15-5817
UH-1N 69-6639,69-6645

Re: Yokota 5th November

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:16 am
by rh226
Probably a typo, but the 1st UH-60L should be 96-26694.

All three belong to Co A/78th AVN, based at Kastner AAF, Zama, Japan (per Scramble database).

Also, the Alaskan C-17A belongs to 3 WG, not the ANG.

Re: Yokota 5th November

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:00 pm
by eagle driver
Probably lost in translation
Also Air Force one should be 92-9000 not 92-8000.