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Log Yokota 6th May 2018

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Log Yokota 6th May 2018

Post by eagle driver » Mon May 07, 2018 8:17 am

Credit to Masanori Ogawa and MSF for link

C-17A 03-3126 305AMW
C-17A HH 05-5149 15Wg
KC-30A A39-004 RAAF/33Sqn
UC-35D 166713 MCAS Futenma arr/dep as 'Magic07'
C-40B 01-0041 89AW arr as 'Sam280'
KC-135R ZZtig 57-1488 18Wg arr as 'Ronin93'
FA-18D ED02/164699 VMFA(AW)-533 dep as 'Hawk42'
FA-18D ED12/164967 VMFA(AW)-533 dep as 'Hawk41'
B.757 N754CX ATI

Based 374AW
C-12J 86-0081 arr as 'Evac70'
C-130J YJrd 06-4633,06-8610,08-3177,08-8604,08-8605,14-5807"374AW",15-5810"374OG",15-5813"36AS",16-5817,16-5833"5AF",16-5838,16-5841,16-5843

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