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Christchurch, NZ - Antarctic season 23/24

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Christchurch, NZ - Antarctic season 23/24

Post by blackbox » Tue Oct 31, 2023 8:27 am

Christchurch (NZCH) is seeing the annual build up of movements in support of this year's summer season with an early C-17A deployment and flights to McMurdo (NZFX Phoenix Airfield) by RNZAF B757, FAA CL-605 and NASA HC-130H. Two, possibly three, LC-130H and an Italian AF C-130J were present by 31st October but none have flown south yet.

27/7 LC-130H 76-3302 139AS NY ANG arrived in green primer paint scheme believed to be still present.

15/8 C-17A 08-8203 arrived as RCH163 and flew several late winter flights (Winfly). Departed home 12/9

5/9 C-17A 10-0220 62AW arrived as RCH327, still present, regular return flights to Phoenix Airfield (NZFX) McMurdo Base.

29/9 LC-130H 83-0490 139AS NY ANG arrived as SKIER71.

22/10 HC-130H N436NA (ex USCG 1717) NASA Wallops Flight Facility arrived as NASA436. To NZFX to deliver GUSTO telescope experiment 28/10, returned to NZCH 29/10.

22/10 C-17A 03-3120 62AW arrived as RCH573, departed 23/10. From/to Honolulu.

23/10 Challenger CL-605 N89 FAA flight checker headed south for several days of calibration at NZFX.

23/10 LC-130H 83-0491 139AS NY ANG arrived as SKIER72.

23/10 B757-2K2 NZ7572 RNZAF returned from NZFX.

30/10 C-130J MM62195/46-61 arrived as IAM4600.

Other visitors incuded:

25/10 Be350 NZ2350/51 42Sq RNZAF

28/10 T-6C NZ1405/08/10 + 3 more. RNZAF Black Falcons for a flypast at Wanaka for the funeral of Sir Tim Wallis.

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