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Yokota Friendship festival.

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Yokota Friendship festival.

Post by eagle driver » Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:20 am

LOG: Yokota Friendship Festival 2018
Credit to MSF and
Masanori Ogawa
Sep 16 1:39 PM

15-16th September 2018 Yokota Friendship Festival

A-10C OSgn 81-0959 51stFW
A-10C OSgn 81-0971 51stFW
C-5M 86-0011 60AMW
KC-10A 86-0037 60AMW
C-12J 86-0083 374thAW
C-17A HH 05-5152 15thWg
UC-35A 96-0109 AvnBn Japan
C-130J YJrd 15-5810 374thAW marked "374OG"
C-130J YJrd 16-5843 374thAW
MC-130H 87-0023 353rdSOG
MC-130J 12-5762 353rdSOG
KC-135R ZZtig 62-3561 18Wg
F-16C OSspcl 89-2043 51stFW marked "FLYING FIENDS 100 Years"
F-16C WWyw 90-0820 35thFW
F-16C WPbl 90-0735 8thFW marked "35FS"
F-16D WPbl 89-2171 8thFW
F-16D OSrd 90-0779 51stFW
HH-60G ZZ 89-26209 18Wg
MH-60R TA00 167018 HSM-51
MH-60S NF620(02) 167863 HSC-12
P-8A YD 169009 VP-4
UH-1N 69-6639 374thAW
RQ-4B 11-2049 No Marks
CV-22B 14-0075 No Marks
C-2 88-1207 403rd Hikotai
C-130H 05-1084 401st Hikotai
KC-767 97-3603 404th Hikotai
F-2A 13-8513 3rd Hikotai
F-15J 62-8866 203rd Hikotai
AH-1S IVATH 73467 4th Anti-Tank Heli Sqn
CH-47J XIIH 52916 12th Heli Sqn
CH-47J 77-4497 No Marks
UH-60J 98-4588 ARW
UH-60JA XIIH 43110 12th Heli Sqn
T-4 96-5785 301st Hikotai
U-125A 72-3005 ARW Niigata
C.172 N22905 Yokota Flying Club
C.172 N4972R Yokota Flying Club
C.172 JA3353 private
FA.200 JA3823 private

Flying display
C-130J YJrd 15-5813 374thAW marked "36AS"
C-130J YJrd 15-5817 374thAW
CV-22B 14-0074 No Marks
UH-1N 69-6645 374thAW

Other noted
C-12J 86-0078 374AW
C-17A HH 05-5148 15thWg
C-130J YJrd 06-4633 374AW
C-130J YJrd 08-3177 374AW
C-130J YJrd 08-5692 374AW
C-130J YJrd 08-8605 374AW
C-130J YJrd 15-5807 374thAW marked "374AW"
C-130J YJrd 16-5833 374thAW marked "5AF"
CV-22B 13-0067 No Marks
CV-22B 14-0071 No Marks
B.747 N429MC Atlas Air dep on 15th
B.747 N742MC Atlas Air dep on 15th
B.767 N378AX Omni Air International arr/dep on 15th

Masanori Ogawa

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