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LOG Yokota July 8th 2018

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LOG Yokota July 8th 2018

Post by eagle driver » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:13 am

Credit to Masanori Ogawa and NAMAR for link.
LOG: Yokota 8th July 2018
Masanori Ogawa
Jul 8 2:01 PM

Noted around 1400-1630 local on 8th July 2018 at Yokota AB, Japan
(0500-0730z on 8th)

C-17A HH 05-5146 15Wg
KC-135R 58-0123 No Marks arr as 'Fresh55'
KC-135R 60-0360 97AMW arr/dep as 'Fresh32'
KC-135R ZZtig 63-7987,63-8022 18Wg
RC-135S OFbk 61-2662 55Wg arr as 'Tora83'
RC-135W OFbl 62-4126 55Wg arr as 'Tora82'
RC-135W OFbl 62-4135 55Wg arr as 'Tora45'
F-15C ZZbl 81-0031,81-0038,85-0093 18Wg,F-22A AK 06-4130 3Wg arr as 'Bat01'
F-15C ZZrd 85-0117,85-0123,ZZbl 85-0121,F-15D ZZrd 83-0046 18Wg arr as 'Cock01'
F-15C ZZrd 83-0025,ZZbl 83-0034,83-0039 18Wg arr as 'Rambo01'
F-15C ZZrd 80-0012,81-0032,81-0037,85-0104 18Wg arr as 'Cock31'
F-15C ZZrd 82-0019,82-0038,83-0010,83-0023 18Wg arr as 'Razor41'
F-22A AK 06-4112,06-4114,06-4117,06-4123,06-4127,06-4126,06-4129 3Wg
B.757 N754CX ATI

Based 374AW
C-130J YJrd 06-4633,08-3177,08-5692,08-8604,08-8605,15-5810"374OG",15-5813"36AS",15-5817,16-5838,16-5841

CV-22B 13-0067,13-0069,14-0074,14-0075 No Marks

Typhoon evacuation from Kadena AB again.

Masanori Ogawa

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