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WW2: Luftwaffe losses over UK

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WW2: Luftwaffe losses over UK

Post by StuBie » Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:22 pm

Afternoon all.

As well as a few other things I am currently researching wartime crash sites around the Oxfordshire and surrounding counties area. There are many resources, both on and offline, that list allied losses but I have not come across many sites that give German losses over the UK throughout the war. A good site that I have recently come across is http://www.aircrewremembrancesociety.com/welcome.html that has a list of RAF/USAAF/Luftwaffe losses but I was wondering if anybody had any further information on this?

The Current German losses I have are:

18/8/1940 HE-111 was downed 2 miles from Windrush relief landing ground when Sgt Hancock intentionally flew his Anson into the path of the bomber.

10/4/1941 JU-88A5 V4-FV which was shot down by a 151Sqn Hurricane near to Arncott, Bicester.

If anybody can help it would be much appreciated :thumb:



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Re: WW2: Luftwaffe losses over UK

Post by Gadget Man » Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:32 pm

Stubie : A few for you, which crashed in Norfolk.

From, Norfolk in the second world war by Neil R Storey.
All researched by Robert J Collis.

Weds 6th Dec 1939 Heinkel (He115 float plane (2081) from 3/Kustenfliergruppe (Maritime group)506) on a mine laying mission flying across the wash to Sheringham. The Heinkel collided with the Chain Home Radiolocation mast at West Beckham, narrowly missed the Sheringham gas holder and finally crashed onto the West beach a short distance from the lifeboat house at 3.15 am.
It goes on to say locals salvaged what they could until a guard was placed. ( The pilots seat was used in a fishing boat.) the plane was cleared up, and the petrol tanks sent to Farnborough as they were self-sealing type.
Ju88s crashed in sea off Norfolk coast.

30th July 1940 Ju88 2(F) /122 30mls of Happisburgh.
10th March 1941 Ju88A-5 (8180) of 1/KG30 ditched off shore at Sparrow Gap Weybourne. Aircraft Captured.
22/23rd March 1941 JU88 of 7/KG6 in sea off Norfolk/Suffolk coast.
26th May 1941 Ju88A-4 (0738) of 1/KG 506 crashed into sea of Norfolk coast.
14th June 1941 Ju88C-4 from 4/NJG2 Crashed on the mud flats 2 miles out from the sea bank at Wingland marsh Kings Lynn.
15th Sept 1941 Ju88A-5 (5247) from 2/KG 606 crashed into sea of Happisburgh.
26th Dec 1941 Ju88 (1442) 3/KG 506 crashed into sea off Winterton.
4th March 1942 Ju88A-4 (1384) from Erpro/KG30 crashed off Mundesley.
30th July 1942 Ju88A-4 (3810) from 9/KG26 into sea 1 mile off Hemsby.
19th Oct 1942 Ju88D-1 (1342) from 3/(F)/33 into the sea 20mls of Cromer.

Dornier crashes in Norfolk 1939 – 45.
21st Aug 1940 Do. 17Z-3 From 2/KG2. Conifer hill Starston approx. 15mls from Norwich.
21st Aug 1940 Do. 17Z – 3 6/KG3 crashed in sea off Scolt Head Brancaster. Approx. 40 mls.
7th March 1941 Do. 17Z -2 of 2/KG3 ditched into sea off Gorleston approx. 20 miles.
24th Feb 1941 Do 217E – 4 from Stab111/KG2 crashed into sea off Cromer. Approx. 21 miles
9th May 1942 Do 217E-4 from 1/KG2 Hit balloon cable over Lakenham. Norwich. Shot down by LAA at Stoke holy cross Norwich crashed at West Poringland 5 miles.
15th May 1942 Do 217E – 4 from 4/KG40 in sea off Happisburg. Approx. 40mls
16th May 1942 Two Do217s from 3KG2 believed shot down by Spitfires of 412 sqd off Gt Yarmouth . Approx. 30mls.
30th July 1942 Do217E – 4 from 6/KG2 Crashed Salthouse Marsh. . Approx. 26mls
23rd Aug 1942 Do217E-4 2/KG2 Crashed East Walton. . Approx. 40mls
17th Sept 1942 Do217E-4 7/KG2 crashed at Church farm, Fring. . Approx. 40mls
18th March 1943 Do217 shot down 2mls N of Kings Lynn crashed into River Ouse. Nothing ever found to Identify aircraft. . Approx. 45mls
6/7th Nov 1943. Do217K-1 KG2. AA direct hit over Beccles crashed Winston hall farm, Gillingham. . Approx. 16mls
9th May 1942 Do 217E-4 (5375) from 1/KG2 Hit a balloon cable at 3,500ft over Lakenham. Norwich. Dived to low altitude and was Shot down by LAA at Stoke holy cross, situated at chain home radar site, crashing on a field at West Green farm , West Poringland at 1.20 am. Aircraft U5+EH disintegrated.
All crew Killed. Oberlt. W. Bollert, Oberfw. R. Bucksch, Uffz. M. Speuser, Uffz. A Otterbach.
All crew share communal grave, Earlham cemetery.
A memorial service was held at the crew grave in 1986 at the request of the widow of the pilot, and the CWGC subsequently added more details to the headstone, which up to until then had carried only the initials and surnames of the four crew.
21st Aug 1940 Do. 17Z-3 From 2/KG2 was shot down by blue section of no.242 sqd (Flt .Lt G Powell-sheddon, sub –Lieut R E Gardner and Pilot Officer J B Latta) during a sortie over Norfol. Attempted a forced landing but overshot and ploughed into a wood and exploded at Conifer hill Starston at 11.52 pm. approx.
Crew: 1 Killed, 2 wounded.
Lieut H. Ermecke was killed, Uffz. G-D Wulf, H Herman and war correspondent Sonderfuhrer Lt Kurst Rashe (of Lw. Kr. Ber. Komp. Mot.3) bailed out and were captured severely wounded. Aircraft U5+FK was a write off. This was the only German aircraft shot down on land in Norfolk during the battle of Britain.

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