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REQ Ramstein 16jun2001

Got a hole in an old log? Empty lines in your notebook? Request that missing serial here, hopefully someone can help. Requests over 6 months old only please.
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REQ Ramstein 16jun2001

Post by ajaxfever » Fri Jul 05, 2019 4:45 pm

hi all, I've some gaps in my log for this day.

Seen late afternoon (while underway to the show at Le Bourget) were:
00458 C-5A. 433AW 'Stewart'
70169. C-5A. 'Stewart'
60012 C-5B 'Travis'
23292 C-17A
67958. C-141B 'Wright Patterson'
31676 E-4B
N799AI DC-8. ATI

Also saw 3 more C-5s + 1 C-17 + 2 C-141s.

Anyone can help me with these?


Peter Kesselaar

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