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Airfixpilot back online again.

For beginners to the hobby to have all those "newbie" questions answered...
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Airfixpilot back online again.

Post by airfixpilot » Thu Jun 23, 2022 6:58 am

Due to other commitments I have been away for a long while. I am still into aviation in all aspects, including civil and military monitoring. I have just uprated My home base antenna to a diamond d777 (civil/military dedicated antenna), which is mounted on a 25-30 foot pole. This is attached to a Realistic pro 2042 (1000 channel) scanner.
Other radios I have for portable use are Icom R5 & R6,Uniden UBC125 Xlt, AOR-Ar2700, and I have now passed My foundation armature radio licence, I have a Yaesu FT70D, which also can do both airbands. To be honest all My radios are second-hand, so do not cost a lot.
Photo wise, I have not been out much, but hope to get some shoots in this year. Must get to the Armed forced day Cleethorpes and local airbases/airports.
I have a bracket ready for a new pole and antenna, when I get round to it. This will be for a general scanning antenna, for general airband and other frequency scanning.
Photographic wise, the cameras are second-hand including the lenses. Nikon D300/ Nikon D3000. Biggest lens is a nikon 70-300mm.

hope to see you guys around
David aka Airfixpilot
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Re: Airfixpilot back online again.

Post by thesecretsquirrel » Thu Jun 23, 2022 1:24 pm

Welcome back 👍🏻
Regnum Defende

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