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Searching for a specific frequency in the forums

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Searching for a specific frequency in the forums

Post by BetaCygni » Sun Nov 22, 2020 2:48 pm

Hi all,

If my scanning / logging setup (Airspy R2 + SDR# + Freq Scanner plugin) records a hit which I don't recognise, 262.500 as an example, I want to be able to search for that frequency in the forums to see what it might have been.
If I put 262.500 in the search box (with the "Search for all terms or use query as entered" option) I get matches for 262 and 500, the page returns
Search found 63 matches: 262.500
Searched query: 262 500
If I put 262.500 in double quotes, that is "262.500":
Search found 63 matches: "262.500"
Searched query: 262 500
Single quotes does the same. If I try and escape the . as if it was a regular expression (regex) match any character with a backslash, i.e. 262\.500 I also get
Search found 63 matches: 262\.500
Searched query: 262 500
None of this is what I want. I only want matches in this case for 262.500. None of the search options appear to allow me to refine the search behaviour to do this.
If I search for regex or regular expression I don't get any useful information as to how to do this.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how to achieve this I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks
Beta Cygni

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Re: Searching for a specific frequency in the forums

Post by _alphabravo » Thu Nov 26, 2020 7:52 am

Get yourself signed up for milscanners groups io. If you PM me I will send you a link. You need to actively contribute with freqs to the group but it allows access to a big daily updated database in which you can search.

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