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History of Shawbury first 100 years from 1917.

Please post movements and activities to do with RAF Shawbury and Ternhill here
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History of Shawbury first 100 years from 1917.

Post by AndrewBarclay » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:46 pm

http://www.shropshireremembers.org.uk/r ... -squadron/ As a child I first
came to live in Shropshire in 1946 my father was in the Services. We moved To Shrewsbury then Myddle and latterly Houlston which was close to Sleap Aerodrome I remember vividly seeing Avro Ansons doing circuits and bumps at Sleap the highlight of the morning was to see a weather ship sometimes it was a moskito occasionally a lincoln doing the rounds.

As i got older roundabout 10 years I cycled to Shawbury and over the years I saw lots of interesting aircraft in open storage my
favourite was the Blackburn Beverley I remember when they first landed they took out the hedges because the runway was much shorter in the 50s I use to watch the vampires the venoms and lots of piston aircraft.

On reading Shropshire remembers there are articles about The Wartime Poet Wilfred Owen who was born in Oswestry. I now live in the Wirral and there is a Wilfred Owen Museum at 34 Argyle Street Birkenhead normally only opens on a friday Wilfred Owen
lived in Birkenhead from the age of four to 14 years. Entry to the museum is free.

There are a wealth of stories about wartime heroes one that will be of interest to aviation enthuiasts is Geoffrey Hornblower Cock MC,http://www.shropshireremembers.org.uk/s ... r-cock-mc/

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