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My Next Batch

Please post your finished builds in here.

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My Next Batch

Post by reaper493 » Tue Mar 09, 2021 4:17 pm

Hi guys,

Here's my latest batch of kits.

No 11 - 1/48 Airfix Hunter F6 Black Arrows with Xtracolour Enamel Black (needs some Gloss varnish to finish it - any recomendations?)

Image_20210309_160804 by Mike Hiley, on Flickr

No 12 - 1/48 Airfix Gnat T1 Yellow Jacks with Humbrol Paints (I hate painting in yellow!!)

Image_20210309_160741 by Mike Hiley, on Flickr

No 13 - 1/48 Airfix Jaguar GR3 54 Sqd with Xtracolour and Xtracylix paints - Struggled to find any after market decals for this, so ended up with the box decals which are quite old, and a lot were ripping. Luckily the main ones survived.

Image_20210309_160855 by Mike Hiley, on Flickr

No 14 - 1/48 Airfix Canberra PR9 39 Sqd with Xtracolour and Humborl paints

Image_20210309_160724 by Mike Hiley, on Flickr

No 15 -1/48 Phantom FGR2 56 Sqd with Humbrol Enamel and Acrylic, and Xtracolour Enamel - Great kit, will be getting another one for sure!

Image_20210309_160817 by Mike Hiley, on Flickr

No 16 - Just finished the 1/48 Airfix Meteor FR9, parts of this are superb (Cockpit and engines) and parts not so good (wing joins, fuselage joins). It's almost ended in the bin a couple of times, but I persevered.

Image_20210309_160839 by Mike Hiley, on Flickr

Next will be the Italeri 1/48 Gripen for a change, then another 1/48 Hunter, this time in the Blue Diamonds scheme, then the 1/48 airfix Javelin that I got for a tidy price due to an admin error at the supplier!! :thumbs:

I've also been repainting some, after realising the Enamel X017 Barley Grey from Hannants is the most wrong (see the 11sqd Typhoon here viewtopic.php?f=294&t=192061). I first thought something was wrong when I ordered a new batch, they came back very dark, almost like Strike Eagle grey. They were taking ages to get back in to stock so I tried Humbrol 167, as I needed some for the Phantom. Then the penny dropped!!
So I've repainted the Barley Grey sections on my Tornado F3, the underside of my Battle of Britain GiNA Typhoon and the whole of my 11sqd Typhoon - they look so much better.

Just need to repaint the Nimrod R1 now..... :Wow:

On a side note, does anyone know if there are any Typhoon stencil decals produced in 1/48 anywhere? The latest Revell kit only has one set of decals for the German special scheme, not like the original version that had some nice stencils included.

I also have some 1/48 decals for sale if anyone is interested!




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Re: My Next Batch

Post by MR TERRY GREEN » Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:39 pm

Nice Firebird.

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Re: My Next Batch

Post by dragonchaser » Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:59 pm

Excellent group, if I had to choose a favourite it’s got to be the Canberra.

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Re: My Next Batch

Post by cj9ru » Tue Mar 09, 2021 9:19 pm

They are all very well done. Must admit to having a few of those kits myself but not the Meteor. It looks very good.

Well done



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Re: My Next Batch

Post by paddyboy » Wed Mar 10, 2021 6:11 am

Top work, Mike :thumbs:

Love the PR9 especially :thumb:

Well done ;)

Patrick :clap:
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anthony martin
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Re: My Next Batch

Post by anthony martin » Wed Mar 10, 2021 8:12 am

Super collection

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