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Any questions on modelling techniques? Post your query here.

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Post by airfixpilot » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:55 pm

I have done a bit of aircraft (airfix) models, in my youth, and I seemed to get more glue on my fingers than the model. I think this section should be given more promotion. The skills and art put into these models, also the time and effort by the makers. The results should be shown with pride, on FCI. I was stunned last week by the amout of plastic models I saw in a shop, and I asked the owner of the shop, if trade had gone down. He told me that the biz had gone up and up, and said it was young and middle aged men buying the kits. The kits now are so realistic, to the real thing, its amazing. All I can say is carry on putting the finished models on FC, and I shall keep looking at them. :Wow:

Ps. My username is Airfixpilot, but thats becouse I am around 5ft 3ish. NOT that I am a test pilot for AIRFIX. HA HA.
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Re: Models.

Post by tc2324 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:15 pm

Nice to have you aboard Airfixpilot and hope to see some of your stuff posted up. :thumb:

Could I ask that you repost this in the `introduce yourself` thread.....

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..... and delete this one as it`s the walk around section and other members will miss your introduction. :)
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