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First Belgian C-130H retires (CH-08)

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First Belgian C-130H retires (CH-08)

Post by Gary » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:37 pm

It's been translated..
Belgian Army takes first c-130 out of circulation

Defence has taken its first transport plane of type c-130 H Hercules (Lockheed) out of circulation. It is the first step in the changeover to the Airbus A400m Atlas, which will be produced from 2020 That's what belga heard at the luchtcomponent.

The C-130, registered as ch-08, had been in use since February 1973 and was withdrawn on 27 December 2017 The device has 22.219 flight hours on the counter and needed a large maintenance, which takes 6 TO 7 months. In order to avoid the high costs, it was eventually decided not to deploy the aircraft. "this uitomloopname does not immediately have an effect on our support for operations", is emphasised.

The Belgian fleet is now limited to ten c-130 s, which are used for tactical transport by the 20St Squadron of the 15 wing air transport in melsbroek. "the ch-08 will be used under the form of parts in favour of the rest of the fleet", it is. " in this way, the availability of the other devices will increase and will therefore be longer operational."

In the long term, the entire fleet of c-130's - total good for 250.300 hours of flight - will be taken out of They are replaced by Airbus's a400m. As of 2020, there are eight of them.

The 15 Wing Air Transport (21St Squadron) will also lose five passenger planes in the next few years. In the future it is chosen to work with rented appliances.
Info from https://www.facebook.com/BelgianDefence

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