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Tiger Meet 2010 Flashback

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Tiger Meet 2010 Flashback

Post by T-O » Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:11 pm

Request to all spotters;

Now the NATO Tiger Meet 2010 is over, we'd like to look back on this special period in aviation history of Volkel.
We would like to review through a photo report on tigermeet.eu
Therefore our request to you is, to send us up to 6 of your best photos (one per category).

The entries are divided into the following categories:

• Ground to Ground
• Ground to Air
• Air to Air
• Tiger Spirit
• Tigers in the dust
• How we do our job.

To facilitate the processing of entries:

• Send your pictures as *. JPG, max 1024x1024 pix
• Provide your name to each picture.
• Rename your photo in a way that it is clear to us to which category
the photo is intended.
Eg: GtG 01 John West.jpg, Spirit 4 John West.jpg, How 6 John West.jpg

Send your photo to the following email address: photoreport@sgvolkel.nl

We are looking forward to your entries!

Yours sincerely;

SG Volkel

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