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Anouncement Spottersday Volkel 13th April 2016

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Anouncement Spottersday Volkel 13th April 2016

Post by joost900 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 2:59 pm

On Wednesday April 13th 2016 a base visit will be organized for a photoshoot on the former platform of 306 Sqn at Volkel Airbase, The Netherlands.

The main goal is to give an opportunity to photograph F-16’s who currently are in storage and already sold.

These F-16’s are: J-057, J-145, J-193, J-199, J-208, J-510, J-623, J-637, J-638,
J-868, J-870, J-872, J-873, J-876 and J-884.

It is our goal to put as many of these F-16’s as possible on the former 306 Sqn platform for a photo shoot. Depending on planned maintenance some may not be towable and therefore not present on April 13th 2016.

Additionally, other F-16’s will be towed to the platform as well. They are J-202, J-222 (Tiger scheme), J-229 (F-16 Prototype scheme) and J-268.

Both J-882 (AZ markings) and J-647 (Springfield markings) are on the wish list as well. But their appearance can’t be guaranteed.

Volkel AB kindly granted to possibility for 200 people to attend this event. By far most of them will be Dutch and they must be a member of a spotting group. However we are allowed to invite a small number of spotters who do not have the Dutch nationality and are not a member of a Dutch spotting group.

We ask a fee of €5,- ( 5 euro) which can be paid on the day it self just before entering the Airbase.

A percentage of the money will be used to cover costs incurred by Spotting Group Volkel for this visit. The remaining amount is earmarked for charity, it will be given via Volkel air base to the incubator divison of Bernhoven hospital in Uden.

You can sign up by sending an e-mail with your full details to webmaster@sgvolkel.nl

Closing date for signing up will be March 16th 2016.

If there is a large interest in this visit we are unfortunately forced to make a draw to whom actually will be able to visit this event.

Looking forward seeing you at Volkel AB.

Joost de Raaf
Chairman SG Volkel.

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