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ETAR 24-01-2020

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ETAR 24-01-2020

Post by mainsail2011 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 4:15 pm

C-17A 02 Bartok 52 dep local flight
C-17A 02 Bartok 52 arr local flight
C-32B 02-5001 RCH586 arr from Queen Alia Airport
C-32B 02-5001 RCH586 dep to Bangor
F-15E 00-3004/LN Sonic 01/02 arr
F-15E 01-2003/LN Sonic 01/02 arr
E-8C 02-9111 Anarch 4 dep local flight
C-5M 69-0024 RCH642 dep to Dover AFB
C-5M 84-0060 RCH262 Arr from Barksdale AFB
C-17A 96-0006 RCH407 arr from Afghanistan
C-17A 03-3116 RCH298 arr from Tel Aviv
C-17A 03-3116 RCH298 dep to Andrews AFB
C-17A 04-4130 RCH287 dep to MCAS Quantico
C-17A 04-4131 RCH370 dep to Zurich
C-17A 05-5146 RCH601 arr from Bangor
C-17A 06-6158 RCH412 arr from Incirlik
C-17A 06-6158 RCH412 dep to Prestwick
C-17A 07-7182 RCH362 arr from Tel Aviv
C-17A 08-8201 RCH168 dep to
C-17A 09-9207 RCH 451 dep to Ali Al Salem AFB

you can join us to follow Ramstein AFB movements

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Re: ETAR 24-01-2020

Post by SpilsbyPete » Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:11 pm

Great to see a log

PS.Not everyone wants to join every facebook page in the aviation world

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