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August 2014 Movements

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August 2014 Movements

Post by andrewn » Thu Aug 28, 2014 4:43 pm

Chinooks RFR7173 & 7174 both heard flying local sorties during week of 17th.

24th - CFC2528, departed via West Pt then AMONO. (believed to be CC130J 130613)
26th - Spartan 1&2 flying local sorties plus C-17 Ascot 6622 (ZZ176)
28th - Tornado GR4's ZA588/056 & ZA557/048 Spartan 1&2, 1x RAF C-130J Ascot 9901(depart), C-17 177704 CFC4021(circuits), C-17 Ascot 6855 (depart via APLON).

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