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Tiger Meet log 19-21/05/16

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FC Rob
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Tiger Meet log 19-21/05/16

Post by FC Rob » Sun May 22, 2016 8:20 am

Thursday 19/05/16

North-side ramp tour courtesy of Ryanair :D (LtoR if viewed from south-side)
EC-120 HE25.1/78-20, HE25.3/78-22, HE25.4/78-23, HE25.10/78-29, HE25.15/78-34 + 1 more
Aguilla Team ?/Painted, 79.12/3, 79.08/2, ?/Painted, E25-13/79.13/5, E25-06/79.06/6, E25-38/79.38/7, 79.14/8

Fighter lines:
Line 1 Italian Typhoons MM7341/36.12, MM7292/36.21, SP F-18s CE15.01/15-70, C15.41/15-28, C15.26
Line 2 SP F-18s C15.31/15-18, C15.35/15-22, C15.39, CE15.07, C15.47/15-31, C15.37/15-24
Line 3 SP F-18s C15.30/15-17, C15.67, C15.64/15-34, C15.25, C15.14/15-01
Line 4 SP F-18s C15.38/15-25, C15.24, C15.22/15-09, CE15.5/15-74, C15.43, CE15.06
Line 5 SP F-18s C15.21/15-08, C15.33/15-20

Preserved north-side gate on pole.
Mir F1EDA C14C.74/14-50

Movera town
RF-4C CR12.47/12-56


Friday 20/05/16 'Spotters day'

C-130H CH-03
F-16AM FA-56 FA-77 FA-84 FA-95 FA-102 FA-114 FA-123
F-16BM FB-20

JAS-39C 9236/39236 9237/39237 9245/39245
JAS-39D 9819/39819
Mil-17 0839
Mil-24 3366 3370/EV953

E-2C 2/165456 3/166417
F10 101 185
Gazelle 3862/GAL 4145/GBY
M2000D 627/30-JO 642/30-IE 643/2-TV 675/3-JI 683/3-IV
Rafale 9 10 19 38 43 44 45

EF2000GS 30+11 30+12 30+22 30+25 30+29 30+30 30+40
EF2000GT 30+35 30+42
Tornado 46+24 46+55

F-16C 005/06-0005 013 019
F-16D 028

JAS-39C 34/39305 35/39306 37/39308 40/39311 41/39312

AB212 MM81161/9-61

E-3A LX-N90451 LX-N90455

F-16AM 286 295 663 674
F-16BM 692

F-16C 4052 4055 4059 4060
F-16D 4082 4084

C130 T10.03/31-03 TK10.07/31-52 TK10.11/31-53
C212 T12B.13/72-01 T12D-74/54-11
CL215 UD13.17/1061/431-17
Citation TR20.01/403-11
F18A C15.14/15-01 C15.35/15-25 C15.37/15-24 C15.40/15-27 C15.47/15-31
F18B C15.01/15-70
Typhoon C16.39?/14-06 C16.44/14-09 C16.48/14-12 C16.49/14-13 C16.50/14-14

F-18C J-5004 J-5006 J-5009 J-5011 J-5013

F-16C 89-0024 92-0014 (tiger) 93-0003
F-16D 91-0022

Puma XW214

Preserved south-side gate on pole.
Spain SRF-5A AR9.064/212-64


Saturday 21/05/16

North-side ramp from EI-EFH (LtoR if viewed from south-side):
Line 1 FNav Rafale 45, SP Typhoons 50/14-14 & 48/14-12, Belg F-16A FA-123, SP F-18s C15.26/15-13 & C15.41/15-28
Line 2 Italian Typhoons MM7341/36.12, MM7292/36.21, MM7312/36.34, MM7302/36.25, MM7284/36.10, MM7286/36.02
Line 3 SP F-18s C15.31/15-18, C15.35/15-22, CE15.07, FNav Rafales 43 & 38
Line 4 SP F-18s C15.30/15-17, C15.67, C15.24, C15.64/15-34, CE15.04, C15.37/15-24
Line 5 SP F-18s C15.38/15-25, CE15.01/15-70, C15.22/15-09, CE15.5/15-74, C15.43, CE15.06
Line 6 SP F-18s C15.21/15-08, C15.33/15-20, C15.16/15-03

Preserved north-side
T-33A E15.50/41-4 (on pole)
F-4C C12.34 (stored in compound, no tail)

South-side additions / not spotted on Friday.

F-16AM FA-116

AB212 MM81160/9-60

F-16A 664

F-16A 15133, 15141

Citation TR20.0?/403-1? (landed then taxied behind HAS area)

If you spot any typos or have additions i.e. Citation serial for Saturday, 6th EC120 or Spanish Hercules ramp, please post.

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Re: Tiger Meet log 19-21/05/16

Post by slogen51 » Sun May 22, 2016 5:07 pm

Great log. Thanks for posting. I could only arrive Saturday afternoon (on EI-EFH) so your log has been a life saver!

The two EdA EF2000 were towed to the NTM pan Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning (22/5) a French TBM700 coded XK departed.

A CN295 departed Saturday afternoon at about 18:00L but I was driving at the time.

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Re: Tiger Meet log 19-21/05/16

Post by Malcolm » Mon May 23, 2016 11:11 am

Thanks for that log - I was worried no-one was going to get the Italian Typhoons.

North East F-18 & Flying participants Ramp extras.
(E.25-06/79-06) Casa 101
(E.25-08/79-08) Casa 101
(E.25-12/79-12) Casa 101
(E.25-13/79-13) Casa 101
(E.25-14/79-14) Casa 101
(E.25-19/79-19) Casa 101
E.25-28/79-28 Casa 101 Flew
(E.25-29/79-29) Casa 101
(E.25-38/79-38) Casa 101
HE.25-1/78-20 EC-120 Flew
HE.25-3/78-22 EC-120 Flew
HE.25-4/78-23 EC-120 Flew
HE.25-10/78-29 EC-120 Flew
HE.25-15/78-34 EC-120 Flew
(HE.25-9/78-27) EC-120 spare

Saturday North West Ramp
(T.10-03)/31-03 C-130 Grey c/s
(T.10-07)/31-52 C-130 Brown/Sand c/s
(T.10-08)/31-05 C-130 Brown/Sand c/s
(T.10-09)/31-06 C-130 Grey c/s
(T.10-02/31-02) C-130 Grey tail only visible in hgr
(T.12B-13)/72-01 Casa 212 Grey c/s para drop

(T.12B-65)/72-11 Casa 212 Arr 14:35
T.21-03/35-41 Cn295 Arr 17:00, Dep 19:00

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FC Rob
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Re: Tiger Meet log 19-21/05/16

Post by FC Rob » Mon May 23, 2016 2:00 pm

Thanks for the additions Malcolm and slogen51.

Kirkham Spotter
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Re: Tiger Meet log 19-21/05/16

Post by Kirkham Spotter » Mon May 23, 2016 8:14 pm

Great reports.
A couple of corrections:
Casa 101 79-29 was E25-87 not 29.
The spare EC-120 78-27 was HE25-8 not 9.
Also in the static Saturday were:
(MM61-2992) O-1E EC-MAB as 12992
44-80669/54-G L-4J EC-AJY

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