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Log 9th October

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Log 9th October

Post by Nielis » Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:41 am

Friday 9th October

C17 98-0052 McChord
C17 93-0601 McChord
KC10 87-0122 McGuire
KC10 86-0033 Travis
KC10 83-0075 Travis
KC135 ??-???? Tinker
KC135R 62-3534 McConnell
KC135R 58-0107 Maine
KC135R 61-0305 McConnell
KC135R 61-0323 McConnell
KC135 ??-???? "No Tail Band"
KC135 57-1441 Iowa
KC135 59-1492 Mildenhall
F22 10-4194/FF (94FS CO Markings)
F22 09-4181/FF
F22 08-4168/FF
F22 09-4183/FF
F22 09-4177/FF
F22 08-4152/FF
F15E 87-0183/MO "was already on the platform in the morning"
F15E 87-0182/MO
F15E 87-0202/MO
F15E 87-0204/MO
F15E 87-0208/MO
F15E 90-0242/MO
F15E 91-0600/MO
F16C 91-0355/SW
F16C 91-0384/SW
F16C 91-0387/SW
F16C 92-3923/SW
F16C 97-0110/SW
F16C 97-0111/SW
KC130J 166513
KC130J 168071
KC130J 168070
MV22 165941
MV22 168230
MV22 168303
MV22 168337
MV22 168295
MV22 168243
MV22 165945
MV22 166747
MV22 168333
Eurofighter 11-14/C.16-40
Eurofighter 11-76/CE.16-07
P-3 Orion 22-31/P.3M-08
Citation 403-11/TR.20-01
AV8 "Spanish Navy, crossed at around 5000ft"
AV8 "Spanish Navy, crossed at around 5000ft"

Would someone be able to help me with the numbers of the aircraft in bold?


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