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log 26-8 upto 4-9

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log 26-8 upto 4-9

Post by marco1974 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:12 pm

during a family holiday(from 26-8 upto 4-9), the following was seen on Gando:

during arrival on 26-8-2019

in total 10 F/A-18A+ were noted during landing divided between shelter area and main military apron.
on the main platform 3 CL.215 were noted one was read-off with Mk.1 eyeball as code 43-17 (UD.13-17), others not read because as we exited the runway, also on the platform was a grey CN.235 or C.295 from the Air Force, either just arrived of ready to depart, navigation lights on.
As our aircraft parked the civil apron 3 F/A-18s departed for a mission.

on the 2nd of september I spend 1 hour in the morning, near RWY03 with the family, the following was noted:

C.15-95/46-23 F/A-18A+ 462 Esc outside shelter, didn't fly
C.15-83/46-11 F/A-18A+ 462 Esc flew a mission
C.15-90/46-18 F/A-18A+ 462 Esc flew a mission
+1 F/A-18A+ 462 Esc departed as above F-18s taxied in after mission, couldn't read it as I was in the wrong position.

Also noted in the village of Las Majoreras preserved the C.212A T.12B-54/46-37.

On our way back home, september 4th the following was seen:

02 C-17A HAW/SAC
T.21-12/35-50 C.295M 353 Esc arrived
+2 Cn.235-100MPA on main platform, both had SAR markings, one did an engine test and was later towed back in hangar, both had no code
+7 F/A-18A+ on main platform
+4 F/A-18A+ in shelter area

As I didn't have my big scope with me and a lot of heat haze made it difficult to read any more serials.

If any could fill in any blanks, especially the CL.215s and CN.235



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Re: log 26-8 upto 4-9

Post by Campbell89 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:41 am

What is viewing and accessibility like at Gando? I’m in Gran Canaria next month on a holiday and I’m thinking of heading over. Are there any spots you’d recommend and are the police / military generally okay with spotters?

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Re: log 26-8 upto 4-9

Post by marco1974 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:16 pm

Hi Campbell89,

I have only been to the southside of the airfield and the departure lounge, The south side is easy accessible with a view of the shelterarea and landingshots are possible.
There was a vehicle on the airside most likely military police but didn't approach us, didn't point my camera airside.

There is a airfield overview on Scramble website which I used, and still is up to date.

From the departure lounge you can view the main apron, but reading can only be done with a big scope, mind the heat haze.

have fun there


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