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NAS Keywest

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NAS Keywest

Post by CookyBoy » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:12 pm

Just got back today, from 2weeks in florida and the keys.
Spent 2hrs at nas keywest, heres the log, did take pics will do some when the jet lag has tailed off! :'(
F-18 departed
166783/101 vfa32
168250/500 vfa204 river rattlers
162890/400 vfa204 grey camo scheme
162866/01. Vfa204 cona scheme
/300 vfa37
/301 vfa37
/303 vfa37
/310 vfa37
164647/07 vfc12 blue camo
/06 vfc12. Blue camo
166647/411. Gunslingers

/101. F5
2xE2run and break

1x usn c130 dropped 8 x usmc/usn parachutists over the base
2xcivi departures

You would need at least 500mm from where i was but didnt take it with me!!!! :S

Will try n post some pics later

Regards steve

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