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Hill AFB Museum Visit 03/09/19

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Mark Spriggs
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Hill AFB Museum Visit 03/09/19

Post by Mark Spriggs » Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:25 pm

Neatly arranged exhibits mainly in the two gallery buildings with some outside adjacent to the car parking. Entrance is free however donations to support the Museum welcomed.

Note VC140B 62-4201 is now outside on an apron between the two gallery buildings - Unfortunately it was not in a position to photograph.

039 North American AT-6A Texan
137749 North American T-28B Trojan
406 WSK Lim-5
41-23908 Consolidated B-24D Liberator
42-105270 Reproduction P-40N Kittyhawk Replica
42-67638 Lockheed P-38J Lightning
43-49281 Douglas VC-47D
44-13371 North American P-51D Mustang Composite
44-32798 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
44-35617 Douglas B-26C Invader
44-83663 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
44-84999 Lockheed P-80A Shooting Star
44-86408 Boeing B-29A Superfortress
44-86772 North American TB-25N Mitchell
45-0502 Douglas C-54G
51-1640 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak
51-2360 Boeing WB-47E Stratojet
51-9271 Lockheed T-33A
52-1119 Convair T-29C
52-1492 Martin RB-57A
52-2107 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar
52-4978 North American F-86F Sabre
52-5777 North American F-100A Super Sabre
53-0050 Douglas C-124C Globemaster II
54-0322 Northrop F-89H Scorpion
54-0610 Fairchild C-123K Provider
55-0300 Convair C-131D
56-0752 Lockheed F-104A Starfighter
56-2142 Piasecki-Vertol H-21C Shawnee
57-0252 McDonnell F-101B Voodoo
57-0526 Lockheed C-130B Hercules
57-0833 Convair F-102A Delta Dagger
57-1510 Boeing KC-135E
57-2259 Cessna T-37B
57-5869 Cessna U-3A Blue Canoe
58-0191 Boeing B-52G Stratofortress
58-0774 Convair QF-106A Delta Dart
585 Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 F-13
59-1743 Republic F-105D Thunderchief
61-0674 North American CT-39A Sabreliner
61-0824 Northrop GT-38A Talon
61-7981 Lockheed SR-71C Blackbird
62-4201 Lockheed VC-140B Jetstar
62-4347 Republic F-105D Thunderchief
62-4440 Republic F-105G Thunderchief
62-4561 Kaman HH-43B Huskie
63-7424 McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II
63-9757 de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou C-7
64-0664 McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II
64-13418 Cessna T-37B
65-12790 Sikorsky CH-3E
66-0469 McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II
66-8711 McDonnell Douglas F-4D Phantom II
67-14675 North American Rockwell OV-10A Bronco
67-17053 Bell TH-13T Sioux
68-0020 General Dynamics F-111E
68-0476 McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II
68-10369 Sikorsky MH-53M Jolly Green Giant
68-10853 Cessna O-2A
70-1039 Ling-Temco-Vought A-7D Corsair II
70-2470 Bell HH-1H Iroquois
73-1640 Northrop F-5E Tiger II
73-1666 Fairchild GYA-10A Thunderbolt II
77-0090 McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle
79-0388 General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon
79-0402 General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon Now inside Museum
81-0678 General Dynamics GF-16A Fighting Falcon Thunderbird Scheme
83-0070 Rockwell B-1B Lancer
83-1126 General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon
N186AM North American F-86F Sabre On Loan from Chino
N5001 Curtiss Jenny JN-4D
N66743 Vultee BT-13B Valiant
N87688 Beech C-45H
N88410 Piper J-3 C-65 Cub

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