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MCAS Miramar 2018

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MCAS Miramar 2018

Post by Tally » Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:55 pm

Noted the following at MCAS Miramar, Nov 7, 2018.

F/A-18A VMFA-314: 162431/VW-09, 162466/VW-05, 162877/VW-00, 162442/VW-01.
F/A-18C/D VMFAT-101: 163992/SH-144, 164045/SH-101 (CAG), 164054/SH-156, 164203/SH-255 (D), 164631/SH-152, 164727/SH-171, 164734/SH-165,
F/A-18C VMFA-232: 165184/WT-04, 165208/WT-02.
KC-130J VMGR-352: 165735/QB-735, 166382/QB-382, 167108/QB-108, 167924/QB-924, 167984/QB-984, 167985/QB-985, 168068/QB-068, 168072/QB-072.
F-16AM/BM: J-004, J-019, J-064 (BM), J-210 (BM).
MH-60R HSM-73: 168122/SNA-705.

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