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Hickam AFB, HI 28/08/2013

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James Ronayne
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Hickam AFB, HI 28/08/2013

Post by James Ronayne » Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:13 pm

Today we went to Pearl Harbour, visiting the USS Arizona memorial, the USS Misouri and the excellent Pacific Aviaition Museum on Ford Island. We also saw our first Raptor action on the island - it was just a shame we were on the top deck of the USS Misouri and nowhere near the airport when it blasted out.

05-5146 C17 HICKAM TIGER02
05-5148 C17 HICKAM TIGER21
63-8030 KC135 HICKAM HOKU81
90-0533 C17 HICKAM MANU22
60-0365 KC135 GRISSOM(?) MASH61



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