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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Fri Apr 19, 2024 4:31 pm

17-04-2024 Wednesday
A0955 RCH550 C-17 07-7189 from Prestwick and departed the following morning at D0547 to Athens

18-04-2024 Thursday
A1300-D1410 MILAN7D DHC-8 F-ZBMH 75 from Lyon out to Le Bourget
At ZTC CL415 811 engine running 1300

19-04-2024 Friday
0944 SHARK03 PC-9 low approach from and to Zadar
1120 SHARK08 PC-9 low approach from and to Zadar
1128 SHARK09 PC-9 low approach from and to Zadar
A1045 SWAN01 CL415 866 to ZTC from Zadar

The only MiG flights this week.
D1257-A1344 KNIGHT01 117
D1300-A1333 VITEZ33 116

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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Sat Apr 27, 2024 7:43 pm

24-04-2024 Wednesday
A1017 GAF887 A319 1502 from Cologne one low approach then onto Chania
A1815 CTM2062 CN235 129 68-IL from Villacoublay departing on the 25th around 1615 after a night stop back to Villacoublay

25-04-2024 Thursday
A1024-D1600 CTM010 Falcon 7X F-RAFB from and to Paris serial from Adsb

With much local fan fare the first six Rafales arrived on delivery from Bordeaux, unfortunately bad weather meant the planned formation arrival was scaled back and all the jets were split up to perform individual ILS approaches. The lead jet Croatian Air Force 01 HRZ01 170 appeared first and made one flypast at 1230 and was then vectored out to the back of the line and landed last. So in landing order.

1233 HRZ02 150
1236 HRZ03 171
1239 HRZ04 151
1241 HRZ05 153
1243 HRZ06 152
1248 HRZ01 170 flypast first 1230

The six jets were held on the taxyway until they had all landed so they could taxy to the military ramp and awaiting dignitaries in style under a water arch provided by the fire service.

A1325-D1428 MILAN7D DHC-8 F-ZBMJ from Bordeaux out to Le Bourget

26-04-2024 Friday
A1045 SWAN01 CL415 888 from Zadar for ZTC
A1407 CTM1725 E121 078 YE from Pisa then to Tirana around 1110 on the 26th after a night stop
A1416 CTM1753 E121 71 Marine from Pisa then to Tirana around 1115 on the 26th after a night stop
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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Sat Apr 27, 2024 8:02 pm

Website for AirVG is now up


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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Sun May 05, 2024 11:49 am

29-04-2024 Monday
A1124 10083 An-32 33Black Ukraine Emergency Services from Chernivtsi

Outside ZTC were there following CL415s 811, 866, 888

30-04-2024 Tuesday
D0854-A0956 KNIGHT11 Rafale 150
D0926-A0958 KNIGHT01 MiG-21 116
Both left separately but came back as a pair at 0953
A1050 HAWK?? UH-60M 232
A1055 Z3-BGU AT-802A Macedonian Protection and Rescue Directorate from Skopje
D1420-A1456 VITEZ96 MIG-21 unidentified test flight

01-05-2024 Wednesday
Two tours of the country were made by three Rafales today to commemorate Operation Bljesak (Flash) and to show off the new jets. A pair over flew all the main towns/cities in the North and a single jet did all the towns/cities in the south and along the coast.
D0900-A1017 KNIGHT11 150
D0900-A1017 KNIGHT12 151
D0940-A1105 KNIGHT15 170

02-05-2024 Thursday
1051-1125 KOBRA14 Mi-171 unidentified on a local test flight
Both the An-32s were seen today having been moved back out of the trees. 727 was in the hangar and 707 out on the mil ramp next to the Ukrainian An-32 33Black which has not left yet.

Seen outside ZTC were AT-802s
LX-AFA two seater on floats
Z3-BGU single seater on floats
Plus LX-AFB single seater on floats in the hangar and one unidentified.

CL-415s all outside
811, 866, 888.

03-05-2024 Friday
D1017 KOBRA27 Mi-171 unidentified to Lučko
D1322-A1342 SWAN61 CL415 888 local test flight.

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Re: Zagreb

Post by Kurnass » Thu May 09, 2024 6:36 pm

Just arrived at Zagreb, 2 visitors present:
Canadian CC-130J 130604
Ukraine An-32P 33 bk

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Re: Zagreb

Post by hanzl » Sun May 12, 2024 8:15 pm

The Ukrainian AN32P left today as 10083.Was working Budapest Radar 133.200? FL190 12.22z,thereafter Lviv Con.?135.600.

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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Thu May 16, 2024 9:15 pm

06-05-2024 Mon
D1459-A1524 VITEZ96 MIG-21 116 Technical flight

08-05-2024 Wednesday
A1510 CFC2908 C-130J 130604 from Brize Norton

09-05-2024 Thursday
D0950-A1354 D1456-A1835 CFC2908 C-130J 130604 to/from LRCT
A1030 KOBRA31 Mi-171sh 227 low approach from to Lučko
A1037 AT-802 EC-NRF 4 from Zadar for ZTC
A1112 SWAN01 CL415 844 from Zadar for ZTC
D1217 AT-802 LX-AFA CargoLux to Munich after attention at ZTC
D1239 AT-802 LX-AFB CargoLux to Munich after attention at ZTC
D1311 SWAN02 CL415 888 to Zadar

D1113-A1202 OCTO98 Mi-171sh 223 local test flight
CL415s 811, 866

10-05-2024 Friday
D1039-A1414 D1541 CFC2908 out and back to Campia Turzii, then the last flight out to Campia Turzii then Suttgart
A1010 RAVEN04 formation OH-58D 329 Bell206s 603, 604 all from Zadar
D1035-A1105 VITEZ03 MIG-21 116
D1055-A1123 KNIGHT11 Rafale 150 departed separately but made one run and break together over the field
A1220 ROBIN02 formation Zlin242Ls 402 405 from Zadar
A1232 SHARK26 PC-9 063 from Zadar
D1425-A1540 Rafales KNIGHT21 150, KNIGHT22 151 sortie to meet with two French Navy Rafales then do a flypast of the Charles de Gaulle carrier.
A1430 OH58D RAVEN 322 332 from Lučko
A1440 HAWK22 UH-60M 231 from Lučko

D1400 OCTO22 Mi-171sh 223 delivered out , last heard calling Pula radar.

11-05-2024 Saturday
AIRVG Static
AS532L H3-72
Zlin242L 405
PC-9 063
MIG-21BisD 133
MiG-21R 26112
MiG-21UMD 165
Rafale 153
Mi-171sh 222
UH-60M 231
OH-58D 329
Bell206 604

PC-9s Krila Oluja 055, 059, 061, 062, 064, 069
Zlin242L 402
Mi-171sh 220 KOBRA31 from/to Lučko. Role demo with OH-58Ds 322 332
Rafale 150 KNIGHT11
MiG-21 116 VITEZ03
Bell206 603 HOOT70

Military ramp
MiG-21UMD 167
AN-32 33BLK Ukrainian
Both former Croatian AN-32s (ex707, ex727) were in the mil area being moved in and out of the hangars all weekend.

The Krila Oluja (SHARK01 formation), Zlin242 402 (ROBIN02) and the Slovenian AS532 (LSV372) all left that evening.

12-05-2024 Sunday
D1300 10083 AN-32 33Black to UKLN

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Re: Zagreb

Post by Kurnass » Thu May 16, 2024 9:26 pm

At the ZTC a second Mi-171 was seen in the hangar, behind the 223. Any info on this one?
Friday, 893 and z3-BGU (AT-802) as well as CL415 811, 844 & 866 were seen at ZTC

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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Thu May 16, 2024 9:48 pm

Sorry, can’t help with the other Mi-171, might possibly catch it test flying at some point once they finish working on it.

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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Sun May 19, 2024 5:24 pm

13-05-2024 Monday
D1145 SHARK01 PC-9 (063) to Zadar
D1145 ROBIN02 Zlin242L (405) to Zadar
CL415 811 did three local test flights
D1006-A1030 SWAN(61), D1230-A1254 SWAN62, D1354-A1412 SWAN(63)
D1530 Mi-171sh unidentified
All in brackets assumed.

14-05-2024 Tuesday
A1135-1246 SWAN61 CL415 811 water scooping on Akumulacija Dubrava

15-05-2024 Wednesday
D1010 SWAN62 CL415 811 back to Zadar
D1045 KOBRA22 Mi-171sh to Lučko
Approx 1300 MiG-21 117 test flight

17-05-2024 Friday
Three MiGs up today
D0959-A1042 KNIGHT01 MiG-21 117
D1004-A1038 VITEZ33 MiG-21 116
D1120-A1147 VITEZ96 MiG-21 118 test flight with one low approach before landing.
D1022-A1200 KOBRA31 Mi-171sh 220
D1029 HAWK?? UH-60M
D1201-A1245 HAWK35 UH-60M 231
D1421-A1455 D1533-1545 D1558 DUCK71 AT802 893 departed to Zadar after two test flights.

18-05-2024 Saturday
A1300 Z3-BGT AT802 from Skopje for ZTC

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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Mon Jun 10, 2024 7:35 am

22-05-2024 Wednesday
D1132-A1145 SWAN61 CL415 844 local flight Čiče
D1231-A1337 SWAN62 CL415 844 to Dubrava Lake, near Varazdin for multiple water scooping
D1457-A1502 SWAN61 CL415 844 one circuit
D1522 SWAN10 844 to Zadar

24-05-2024 Friday
A1003 Y150 C-130J YI-306 dep 25th around 1500. From/to Baghdad

26-05-2024 Sunday
A1020 Y150 C-130J YI-304 dep 27th around 1500. From/to Baghdad

28-05-2024 Tuesday
Practice for the Jarun event on Thursday celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the Croatian Army
UH-60M 231 plus 2 unidentified OH-58Ds

29-05-2024 Wednesday
Rafales 150 170 +1 practice for Jarun

30-05-2024 Thursday
Jarun flying display and role demos. No static this year.
Rafale flypast 150 151, 170, 171
Special forces demo
UH-60Ms 231 232
OH-58Ds 328 334
Krila Oluje PC-9s 055, 057, 059, 061, 062, 069
Bell212 9A-HBM Police
Apart from the Police Bell212 everything flew from the airport. A third unidentified OH-58D was also present there.

31-05-2024 Friday
A0748 Y150 C-130J YI-306 dep 1st June at1840 From/to Baghdad

03-06-2024 Monday
A1250 49424 04 Blue AN-26 from Ukraine

04-06-2024 Tuesday
The Rafales started flying properly this week with missions every day apart from Monday which is usually a no fly day with the HRZ. Thursday saw mixed missions with both Rafales and MiGs.
Rafale missions
D1000-A1044 KNIGHT11 150, KNIGHT12 152 landed in formation
D1010-A1115 KNIGHT15 171 to Slavonia, touch and goes on arrival
D1253-A1355 KNIGHT16 171 multiple T+Gs
D1310-A1417 KNIGHT17 multiple T+Gs

A1113 CVK7025 An-12BP UR-CBG from Leipzig dep as CVK7026 on the 5th at D1208 to Pristina, then Chisinău, then back to Leipzig.

05-06-24 Wednesday
Rafale missions
D1011-D1129 KNIGHT11 170
D1016-A1140 KNIGHT12 171
1345 KNIGHT 21/22 started but both shut down with a problem
D1403-A1520 KNIGHT13 170

A1115-D1210 CTM1407 DHC-6 F-RACE from Bratislava to Vienna

D2045-A2155 HAWK36 233 Adsb to Čazma?

06-06-2024 Thursday
D0953-A1029 KNIGHT01 116
D0955-A1025 VITEZ33 117
D0956-A1042 KNIGHT11 152 KNIGHT12 151 formation pairs landing
D1403-A1430 KNIGHT01 116
D1400-A1445 KNIGHT21/22 formation to LDTR25 pairs landing.

07-06-2024 Friday
Departing before 1000-A1115 KNIGHT11 Rafale B unidentified

08-06-2024 Saturday
D1014 10086 AN-32 36blue cn 2810 to UKLN exHRZ 727
D1156 49424 AN-26 04Blue to UKLN

The first former Croatian An-32 to be delivered to Ukraine. It carried full Ukrainian markings with the shield, Emergency services badge and coded within their sequence. Interesting that after around 12 years in open storage apart from ground runs it left without doing a test flight first. On departure it did a vigorous wing waggle then a circuit of the airport as it climbed out and performed some checks. Once successfully complete it carried on direct to Ukraine.

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Re: Zagreb

Post by ChrisL » Tue Jun 18, 2024 8:43 am

10-06-2024 Monday
Mid morning arrival OCTO21 Mi-171sh from Losinj area
A1227-D1646 DOVE93 C-21A 84-0083 from Stuttgart to Split then back again at A1928
A1330-D1630 SPAR93 C-37 01-0030 from Chievres to Split
D1430-A1506 KNIGHT11/12/13 Rafales

11-06-2024 Tuesday
D1125 A1215-1220 KNIGHT21/22/23 Rafales
D1135 SHARK36 PC-9
D1250 SHARK20 PC-9 to Zadar
D1354 DOVE93 C-21 84-0083 to Split

12-06-2024 Wednesday
D1023-A1153 KNIGHT11 Rafale
D1350-A1445 KNIGHT21/22/23 Rafales

13-06-2024 Thursday
D1042-A1138 KNIGHT11/12/13 made up of 150, 152, 171
D1412-A1500 KNIGHT21/22/23

14-06-2024 Friday
D0959-A1043 KNIGHT11 152, KNIGHT12 171, KNIGHT13 153 Rafales
D1011-1033 VITEZ96 MIG21 118 test flight in the nearby Lekenik zone one low approach on recovery.
A1253 OCTO98 MI-171sh
D1529 OCTO22 Mi-171sh

15-06-2024 Saturday
D1030-A1139 KNIGHT11/12 Rafales to Osijek for a flypast

16-06-2024 Sunday
A1556 DUNA95 C-12D 83-0499 from Budapest dep 17th D0706 to Stuttgart.

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