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Belgrade Aviation museum

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Belgrade Aviation museum

Post by STN RAMP RAT » Mon May 13, 2024 11:23 am

I passed by the Museum last week, https://www.muzejvazduhoplovstva.mod.gov.rs/eng as can be seen from the website the museum is closed until further notice, the large exhibits that are stored outside can still be viewed. The rest of the outdoor exhibits are hard to identify.

Its a pity as it looks to be an outstanding museum.

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Re: Belgrade Aviation museum

Post by Typeflyer » Mon May 13, 2024 11:48 am

It certainly is. I visited in 2009 having a couple of hours to spare after a meeting and before my flight home. Managed to walk almost the entire perimeter tying up just about everything taking photographs as I didn't have optics and was wearing a suit! Back then paintwork was beginning to fade so would imagine it is even worse by now.

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