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LOG : Danish Air Force Visits January 2011

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LOG : Danish Air Force Visits January 2011

Post by linton » Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:30 am

LOG : Danish Air Force Visits January 2011

Day 1 09-01-11

Hi All
As i missed the Denmark space on in the European sighting i have re-posted it here in it's correct space, There is also a Stearman i missed off the log Sorry guys

To get the year going this year we thought Denmark looks good so we made the necessary arrangements and off we went last Sunday morning for our flight to Stansted via Mildenhall for a flight out to Billund

Three visitors were noted in the dark
62-3507 KC135R USAF
63-8872 KC135R USAF
05-5141 C17A USAF

Egeskov Castle
The Draken is displayed inside the castle grounds
A-012 F35 ex RDAF

010 Mig23MF ex PoAF
A-005 F35 ex RDAF
(117051) T3-E RF84F ex NoAF (nose section)

three dismantled RF84s are stored in trees behind the museum
C-253 RF84F ex RDAF
C-324 RF84F ex RDAF
(C-651) RF84F ex RDAF

A-001 F35 ex RDAF
R-896 CF104 ex RDAF
(A-777) SY-H F84G ex RDAF
461 Meteor F4 ex RDAF
S-883 S55C ex RDAF
DT-491 T33A ex RDAF
(EW581) 179 Fairchild PT26 ex NoAF
S-16 Tiger Moth ex RDAF
(11-113) KZ11 ex RDAF (frame only)
17320 / E Saab 17C ex SwAF
(310050) Bv138C ex German
(K-681) ‘OY-DDA’ C47A ex RDAF
605 (HM364) Proctor 3 ex RDAF
(91-912) OY-55 Polyt 3 ex RDAF

Day 2 10-01-11

The Draken is preserved in the grounds of the Flyvevabnets Officersskole
A-002 F35 ex RDAF

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
The Draken is preserved inside the fire department training area
A-018 c/n 351018 F35 ex RDAF

Roskilde Airport
hangared on SAR readiness
M-514 Merlin Mk512

Roskilde Town
The Draken is preserved at a youth club
AR-105 RF35 ex RDAF

The Draken is preserved in the grounds of the car museum
A-007 c/n 351007 F35 ex RDAF

Day 3 11-01-11

(A-525) F84G ex RDAF

OY-RAM A-75 Stearman (Ex 41-8627)

Skrydstrup Air Base
The following were noted during a visit with the fighter wing

F16 Depth maintenance hangar
E-599 F16A
E-011 F16A
E-016 F16A

F16 Maintenance hangar
ET-612 F16B
ET-208 F16B
E-191 F16A
E-189 F16A

T17 hangar
T-428 T17
T-432 T17

730 Squadron area
Maintenance hangar
E-610 F16A
ET-197 F16B
E-608 F16A
E-596 F16A
E-074 F16A (outside)

E-597 F16A

E-608 F16A (towed to maintenance area)

ET-022 F16B

E-024 F16A

ET-199 F16B

E-609 F16A

E-604 F16A

E-601 F16A

727 Squadron area
Maintenance hangar
ET-613 F16B
E-008 F16A

E-006 F16A

E-190 F16A

E-107 F16A

ET-615 F16B

Merlin hangar
hangared on SAR readiness
M-512 Merlin Mk512

QRA Barns
E-195 F16A
E-188 F16A
E-182 F16A
E-202 F16A
E-199 F16A (in HAS)

35922 c/n 35922 S35E ex SwAF
A-004 c/n 351004 F35 ex RDAF
F-946 F86D ex RDAF

G-273 C130 RNLAF
U-278 Sea King

E-177 F16A (at gate)

Found in an old hangar were :
GT-870 TF100F ex RDAF
55-2739 11-YL F100D ex Adla
E-176 F16A ex RDAF
(51-10603) SK-P F84G ex RDAF
the F84G has been removed from the main gate for maintenance and will be put back once this is complete

RT-662 CF104D ex RDAF (outside)

Randers Town
In the grounds of the FALCK company
(5)1-10(482) SE-A F84G ex RDAF

The Draken is easily visible in the dark
A-008 c/n 351008 F35 ex RDAF

Another Draken easily visible in the dark is preserved in the grounds of Therma Industries
AR-104 RF35 ex RDAF

Day 4 12-01-11

Aalborg Air Base
The following were noted during a visit with the air transport wing

F16 Depth maintenance
E-611 F16A
ET-198 F16
E-007 F16A

HAS 34
E-004 F16A

Eight F16s are withdrawn from use and used for spare parts, they are stored in two HASs

HAS 77
E-192 F16A stored
E-184 F16A stored
E-196 F16A stored
E-180 F16A stored

HAS 69
ET-626 F16B stored, primer c/s, no wings/tail
E-197 F16A stored
E-183 F16A stored, heavily robbed, wingless
E-181 F16A stored, heavily robbed, wingless

hangar 64
T-405 T17
T-421 T17

hangar 60
hangared on SAR readiness
M-513 Merlin Mk512

Transport wing hangars
B-536 C130J
C-080 CL614

C-172 CL614
C-168 CL614 80 yrs mks
B-583 C130J

hangar 52
The two Starfighters are going to the USA
R-846 CF104 ex RDAF
R-704 CF104 ex RDAF

HAS 80
R-825 CF104G ex RDAF
265 Meteor T7 ex RDAF
RT-664 CF104D ex RDAF
469 Meteor F4 ex RDAF, dismantled

14404 (DT-404) T-33 ex RDAF, rear fuse and wings only
35420 49 J35F ex SwAF
(S-196) Lynx Mk80 ex RDAF, cabin only

RT-657 CF04D ex RDAF
R-771 CF104 ex RDAF

An unidentified Merlin overflew the base

Aalborg Marine Museum
M-070 Allouette 3 ex RDAF

Aalborg Museum
A-010 F35 ex RDAF
(51)-10622 KU-U F84G ex RDAF

504 Meteor NF11 ex RDAF
DT-289 T33A ex RDAF
F-028 AL-E F86D ex RDAF
R-851 CF104 ex RDAF
(Z-931) OY-XFA Polyt 3 ex RDAF

The Draken is preserved inside the military barracks
A-017 c/n 351017 F35 ex RDAF

The Sabre is inside the civil defence fire school training area
GT-874 TF100F ex RDAF

Karup Town
(51-9838) F84G ex RDAF

RT-655 CF104D ex RDAF

Karup Town
Noted on approach to Karup Air Base
U-279 S61 SeaKing, special mks

Day 5 13-01-11

Karup Air Base
Noted during a visit to the helicopter wing

Merlin hangars
M-516 Merlin Mk512
M-518 Merlin Mk512
M-517 Merlin Mk512

Merlin Ramp
M-520 Merlin Mk512
M-515 Merlin Mk512

HAS 276
U-276 S61 SeaKing, stored
U-275 S61 SeaKing, stored

HAS 277
U-280 S61 SeaKing, stored

HAS 279
U-278 S61 SeaKing, stored
U-277 S61 SeaKing, stored

U-481 S61 SeaKing, stored
The stored SeaKings are for sale and some examples are still being flown

AT-158 TF35 ex RDAF
AR-113 RF35 ex RDAF

R-812 CF104G ex RDAF
S-249 Lynx Mk80 ex RDAF, cabin

R-855 CF104G ex RDAF (to go to Poland)
DT-497 T33A ex RDAF, preserved HAS area
AR-112 RF35 ex RDAF, preserved main gate

UR-78786 IL78

Base Museum
A-014 F35 ex RDAF
DT-905 T33A ex RDAF

C-581 RF84F ex RDAF
491 Meteor F8 ex RDAF
(51-9978) FS-978 F84G ex RDAF, dismantled with tail from A-665

(GT-961) TF100F ex RDAF nose section only (35552)
??? F35 nose section only RDAF colours could be a sim ?
0-620 KZ-VIII ex RDAF

in a nearby compound
‘F-326’ (really F-947) F86D ex RDAF nose section only
C-274 RF84F ex RDAF nose section only

Stauning Airfield
CCCP-55721 AN2
WB534 DH Devon C1 ex RAF

Stauning Museum
At gate
427 Spitfire (replica)

museum building
E-174 F16A ex RDAF
U-240 S61 SeaKing ex RDAF
C-264 RF84F ex RDAF
A-009 F35 ex RDAF
L-861 PBY6A ex RDAF
F-421 F86D ex RDAF
‘31-306’ (really 16126) Sk16A ex SwAF
K-687 C47A ex RDAF
(0-623) OY-ATJ KZ V11 ex RDAF
E-401 Hunter F51 ex RDAF
R-888 CF104 ex RDAF
B-499 Meteor F8 ex RDAF
S-884 S55C ex RDAF
DT-102 T33A ex RDAF
H-245 OH6A ex RDAF

In a small building at the rear of the museum
0-622 KZ V11 ex RDAF
A-665 F84G ex RDAF, dismantled with tail from A-057

Billund Airport
hangared with a company in the cargo area
(P-131) OY-PCH Chipmunk T20 ex RDAF
(P-145) OY-ATD Chipmunk T20 ex RDAF
The T33A that was with Danish Air Transport has been sold and is now gone.

A40-AA A320 Omani Government

And thanks as always to Phil A for the company and map reading



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Re: LOG : Danish Air Force Visits January 2011

Post by Gotham » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:51 pm

Hallo again (I am the guy that show you the S-61 on Karup :0),

"??? F35 nose section only RDAF colours could be a sim ?"

Thie is a sim.


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