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Log Germany and a few other bits 09-2011

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Log Germany and a few other bits 09-2011

Post by linton » Thu Oct 13, 2011 3:34 pm

Sorry guys i posted this in the wrong place, All sorted now



Hi All
Another German log, Laage again and Kiel again but one or two different places thrown in. Some places were not fully logged just the bits we needed and a few general notes

Day 1. 27-9-11

Brussels, Belgium
A quick look here after crossing the channel tunnel - nothing of interest
CH-07 C130H

Baarlo, Netherlands
We passed here in the early hours, one of the three F104s displayed at the front of the premises was required :
'KG-101' (23+27) ex GAF
26+72 F104G ex GN
'D8212' (24+63) ex GAF
0219 Mi24D ex Czech

Bentlage, Germany
A quick look over the fence here
(75+32) Alouette 2 ex HEER, gate
84+14 CH53G
85+02 CH53G
84+68 CH53G
84+34 CH53G
84+89 CH53G
84+71 CH53G

Kiel Air Base, Germany

Maintenance Hangar
89+63 SeaKingmk41
89+58 SeaKingmk41, '35year mks'
89+62 SeaKingmk41
89+67 SeaKingmk41
89+71 SeaKingmk41
89+66 SeaKingmk41
89+54 SeaKingmk41
89+50 SeaKingmk41
89+55 SeaKingmk41

89+51 SeaKingmk41
89+56 SeaKingmk41, SAR standby
89+65 SeaKingmk41

Ramp hangar
89+52 SeaKingmk41
89+60 SeaKingmk41
89+64 SeaKingmk41
89+70 SeaKingmk41

The original '61' that was w/o pre delivery at Yeovil is still in use as a GI
89+61 (c/n WA765) SeaKingmk41

The preserved aircraft were not checked

Kiel Airport, Germany

Jagel Air Base, Germany
EB+250 RF84F ex GAF, gate
43+96 Tornado ex GAF, gate
‘23+81’ (20+81) F104G ex GAF, gate
37+01 F4F

Hohn Air Base, Germany
A quick look over the fence here
50+41 C160D
51+12 C160D
50+53 C160D
50+82 C160D
50+94 C160D
50+45 C160D
50+42 C160D 'ELSE'
50+58 C160D
50+65 C160D

Day 2. 28-9-11

Wunstorf Air Base, Germany

Technical School Hangar
58+90 Do28D ex GAF
34+47 G91T ex GAF
99+03 G91R ex GAF
72+53 UH1D ex HEER
90+65 FWP149D ex GAF

Outside Tech. School Hangar
40+58 AlphaJet ex GAF
90+56 / 73 FWP149D ex GAF

50+47 C160D
50+70 C160D

50+36 C160D

50+95 C160D
50+69 C160D

50+07 C160D
50+75 C160D
51+14 C160D
50+90 C160D
50+33 C160D
51+00 C160D
50+91 C160D
51+01 C160D
50+60 C160D
50+81 C160D

On the field
32+45 G91R ex GAF
30+36 G91R ex GAF

'62+50' (90+35) FWP149D ex GAF

Displayed at base entrance
51+07 C160D ex GAF
70+68 UH1D ex GAF
93+03 Mi8T ex NVA
90+44 FWP149D ex GAF
'GR+248' (66) N2501F ex French

The small museum was not checked.
The wingless C160 in white c/s that was stood on the airfield was confirmed by staff as 50+50 - it has been scrapped

Diepholz, Germany

84+25 CH53G
85+07 CH53G

84+01 CH53G, w.f.u
86+17 Bo105P
The Bo105 is the final German 105 to undergo major maintenance – the fly out is scheduled for 4th October 2011

84+64 CH53G
84+45 CH53G
84+59 CH53G
84+85 CH53G

84+36 CH53G, dumped fuselage

72+56 UH1D ex HEER, displayed

The formerly stored CH53 84+02 has gone from here

Hodenhagen, Germany
187 L39ZO ex NVA
(15523) D-EOPA Cub ex ALAT c/n 18-1523

Grimmen, Germany
Displayed in the industrial area in the town are :
(94+81) HA-BCI Mi2 ex NVA
479 Mig21SPS-K ex NVA

Day 3. 29-9-11

Laage Air Base, Germany

Maintenance hangar
30+12 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+52 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+03 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+05 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+62 Eurofighter Typhoon
31+18 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+49 Eurofighter Typhoon

Noted in the barns
30+24 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+50 Eurofighter Typhoon
31+17 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+54 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+67 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+57 Eurofighter Typhoon
31+20 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+30 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+15 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+11 Eurofighter Typhoon
31+19 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+38 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+42 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+17 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+55 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+56 Eurofighter Typhoon
31+16 Eurofighter Typhoon
31+21 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+59 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+53 Eurofighter Typhoon
30+46 Eurofighter Typhoon

Preserved around the base
25+02 RF104G ex GAF
33+03 G91R ex GAF
JC+102 CL13B ex GAF
330 Mig23ML ex NVA
734 Su22M4 ex NVA
38+73 F4F ex GAF
The preserved F4 has been exchanged, with the USAF example which was false marked ‘35+73’ now removed

Cottbus, Germany
A visit here to catch up with the Mig23MF that had arrived a while back following its storage in a HAS on Peenemunde airfield :
821 Mig21PFM ex NVA
981 Mig21SPS-K ex NVA
215 Mig21US ex NVA
653 Mig21MF ex NVA
848 Mig21bis ex NVA
20+44 Mig23BN ex NVA, ex Fichtelberg
584 Mig23MF ex NVA
20+62 Mig23UB ex NVA
365 Su22M4 ex NVA
98+11 Su22UM-3K ex NVA
‘93+60’ (93+70) Mi8TB ex NVA
132 Mi8TB ex NVA
482 Mi9 ex NVA
380 Mi2 ex NVA
‘785’ (792) Mi4A ex NVA
98+32 Mi24D ex NVA
996 AN14A ex NVA
370 L29 ex NVA
826 AN2T ex NVA
502 Lim5 ex NVA
'22' (226) c/n 1684 Mig17 ex NVA
(205) IL28 ex NVA, wrecked nose section only
76+22 Alouette 2 ex HEER
32+15 G91R ex GAF, ex Gatow
JA+111 CL13B ex GAF, ex Gatow
92+13 P149D ex GAF
98 Yak11 ex NVA
02 Yellow (c/n 511019039) Mi2 ex USSR
(670071) FW190F, wreck ex German

Restoration area
The Lim5 is now fully restored and looking immaculate in its full NVA colours – it is due to be moved to the main display area
537 Lim5 ex NVA
1015 Mig21F13 ex Czech
(538) Mi4A ex NVA
(437) Lim5P ex NVA, Rear end only

Griessen, Germany
Displayed at the historic water powered generator station very close to the Polish border is :
22+42 Mig21SPS ex NVA

Lehnin Range, Germany
Thanks to Mike Lawson for pointing out the location of the third Mig21 in the training area :
713 Mig21F13 ex NVA
31+37 G91R ex GAF
61+08 Br11150 ex GN
The other two Mig21s at the mock airport in the training area were not checked by us on this visit

Hassfurt, Germany
At the local airfield :
21+55 F104G ex GAF
(51-15387) D-EDGD L21C ex ALAT

Day 4. 30-9-11

Schweinfurt, Germany
Displayed at a company in the town are :
340 Mig23ML ex NVA
(94+72) D-HZPL Mi2 ex NVA

Grafendorf, Germany
Displayed with a civil Bo105 at Vario Helikopter scale model company is a former NVA Mi2 :
(94+61) c/n 562635112 Mi2 ex NVA

Michelstadt, Germany
Displayed at the childrens playpark is a boomless Mi2 in an orange c/s :
(94+70) c/n 514416125 Mi2 ex NVA

Sinsheim, Germany
The Mig23 that was in the restoration area is now in bare metal and is mounted sideways and used as an arrow to direct people into the museum
(20+27) c/n 24018 Mig23ML ex NVA
(83+17) H21C ex HEER red/white c/s
(XW665) NimrodR1, front section only (in restoration area) ex RAF The rest of the museum was not checked

Speyer, Germany
The newly arrived C160 was the only thing logged, The museum was not checked
50+99 C160D ex GAF

Displayed at the PFW Aerospace factory
20+46 F104G ex GAF

Germershein, Germany
Displayed at the gate to the Kaserne is :
21+00 F104G ex GAF

Hatten, France
Three aircraft remain at the Maginot Line museum here :
250 / DD Mirage 3B ex France
396 Mi8S ex NVA
'869' (698) Mig21SPS ex NVA

Ramstein, Germany

Based C130s
08-8603 C130J
07-8614 C130J
06-8610 C130J
07-8613 C130J
07-8608 C130J
08-8607 C130J
08-8606 C130J
(06-8)611 C130J

99-0402 C37A
09-9208 C17A
07-7170 C17A
97-0042 C17A
07-7180 C17A
03-3122 C17A
02-1102 C17A
02-1108 C17A
99-0064 C17A
08-8200 C17A
06-6161 C17A
05-5145 C17A
08-8197 C17A

Spangdahlem, Germany
03-3123 C17A
08-8198 C17A

plus one not identified in the dark
??-???? C17A

Borlo, Belgium
Preserved in the village is :
A-80 Alouette2 ex BAF

Wittering, UK
Noted at the side of the A1 was :
ZD469 HarrierGR7A ex RAF, at gate

My thanks as always to all who made this trip possible and of course Phil A


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Re: Log Germany and a few other bits 09-2011

Post by EGVP » Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:13 pm

Great log Ade! The museum at Wunstorf should contain the front end of an An2, not that it's ever been IDed!

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Re: Log Germany and a few other bits 09-2011

Post by linton » Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:04 pm

Hi Chris
Thanks for the info on the An-2 any idea of the history of the aircraft, Mil etc ?



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