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LOG: 11/08/2015

Please post movements and activities to do with AAC Middle Wallop here
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LOG: 11/08/2015

Post by EGVP » Thu Aug 13, 2015 1:09 pm

First wave of night fliers. Posted in real-time at www.hampshireaviation.co.uk

21.23L: XZ345, Gazelle, departed as "AAC667" to Netheravon
21.25L: ZJ232, Apache, departed as "Panther 91"
21.35L: ZJ232, Apache, landed as "Panther 91"
21.42L: ZB692, Gazelle, departed as "AAC757" to Netheravon
21.43L: ZJ213, Apache, departed as "Panther 80"
21.45L: ZJ203, Apache, departed as "Panther 81"
21.47L: ZJ232, Apache, departed as "Panther 91" to Netheravon
21.53L: _____, Apache, departed as "Panther 82"
22.00L: ZJ213, Apache, returned as "Panther 80" to enter the circuit
22.03L: _____, Squirrel, departed as "AAC729"
22.11L: ZJ213, Apache, landed as "Panther 80"
22.__L: ZJ213, Apache, departed as "Panther 80"
22.27L: ZJ253, Squirrel, departed as "AAC720"
22.29L: ZJ213, Apache, returning as "Panther 80"
22.__L: _____, Squirrel, departed as "AAC709"
22.49L: ZJ210, Apache, departed as "Panther 90" to Netheravon
22.49L: ZB692, Gazelle, returning as "AAC757"
22.56L: ZJ231, Apache, departed as "Panther 88" to Upavon
23.04L: ZJ203, Apache, returning as "Panther 81"
23.05L: _____, Squirrel, returning as "AAC729"
23.07L: ZJ232, Apache, returning as "Panther 91"

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