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LOG: 31/07/2015

Please post movements and activities to do with AAC Middle Wallop here
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LOG: 31/07/2015

Post by EGVP » Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:41 pm

Noted this afternoon:

G-BNYM Cessna 172N Skyhawk 172-73854 David John Skinner Trustee
G-CIBW Westland Scout AH.1 F.9632 Historic Aircraft Flight Trust [Historic Scout] XT626/Q
G-OAFA Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk 1093 Army Flying Association
G-VVBA Aerospatiale AS.355F2 Ecureuil II 5463 Hinde Holdings Ltd
XZ184 Westland Lynx AH.7 65 Army Air Corps [Lynx6] B
XZ616 Westland Lynx AH.7 167 Army Air Corps [Lynx3]
XZ670 Westland Lynx AH.7 233 Army Air Corps [Lynx5] A
ZD280 Westland Lynx AH.7 302 Army Air Corps [Lynx1]
ZE378 Westland Lynx AH.7 322 Army Air Corps [Lynx2]
ZJ244 Eurocopter AS.350BB Squirrel HT.2 3026 Army Air Corps [AAC717] 44
ZJ245 Eurocopter AS.350BB Squirrel HT.2 3028 Army Air Corps [AAC712] 45
ZJ246 Eurocopter AS.350BB Squirrel HT.2 3031 Army Air Corps [AAC721] 46
ZJ254 Eurocopter AS.350BB Squirrel HT.2 3055 Army Air Corps [AAC711] 54
ZZ391 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1 489 Army Air Corps [Recon21]

And that was the end of the Lynx AH.7.

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