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Rising Panther 16-2 today

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Rising Panther 16-2 today

Post by Skoshi » Thu May 26, 2016 7:51 am

EX RISING PANTHER (RP) is a medium scale exercise involving up to 30 military aircraft operating in mixed formations including Fast Jets, Air to Air Refuelling (AAR), Airborne Early Warning (AEW), Rotary Wing and Information Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms. Exercise traffic will conduct air-to-air combat radar profiles (100nm+), supersonic flight, radar and communications jamming, and air combat serials.
15. Fast Jets will operate from RAF Coningsby, Leeming, Lossiemouth, Marham, ValleyDurham Tees Valley, Tactical control will be provided by Boulmer ASACS, 1ACC CRC Scampton and RAF E3D AWACS. Supplementary Air Traffic Services (ATS) and airspace coordination will be provided by Swanwick(Mil).
16. The Ex will be conducted primarily over sea, and the DCA will extend overland to utilise Spadeadam AWR and OTA E.
17. Within the Ex RP AO, participating aircraft will operate under VFR below FL195 (FL245 within an active TRA), and are to remain clear of all controlled airspace unless positively cleared to enter by an appropriate Control Authority. Aircraft may operate above FL195 (FL245 with an active TRA) outside the confines of an MDA, provided that they are in receipt of a Radar Control service.
18. Tactical rotary wing and airlift serials may take place outside of the notified AO in support of the Ex. Such activities may be notified by NOTAM issued by Airspace Regulation or LFOF where appropriate.
19. Live troop and stores parachuting may take place within designated Drop Zones (DZ). Separate NOTAMS will be issued to identify the DZs, P-hour and allocated frequencies on the request of Directing Staff. Drops will be coordinated by qualified Drop Zone Safety

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