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A few of my railway photos

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Re: A few of my railway photos

Post by Nighthawke » Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:17 pm

Lovely shots. That quadruple header must have been good to see and hear!

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Re: A few of my railway photos

Post by MADPYRO » Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:42 pm

Can't wait for that sort of weather to show up again...

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Re: A few of my railway photos

Post by paddyboy » Thu Jan 14, 2021 2:21 pm

Ooooooh :whistle:

Just imagine all the lovely clag if they’d opened the taps :lol:

All the times I’ve been past Hubbert’s Bridge on my way to CGY over the years and never seen a 50 or a 56 :grr:

Thanks for posting :thumbs:

Paddyboy :clap:
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Re: A few of my railway photos

Post by dragonchaser » Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:46 pm

Cracking set there, I don’t think you can beat the BR blue scheme, superb post 👍😷

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The Phantom
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Re: A few of my railway photos

Post by The Phantom » Wed Jan 20, 2021 7:10 am

Great to see some hardcore diesel action :thumbs:

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Re: A few of my railway photos

Post by grahamdevizes » Wed Jan 20, 2021 12:21 pm

Brings back great old memories of sitting at the end of Reading station as a 12/13 year old watching as the Westerns, Warships, Hymeks and Brush Type 4s went through. We would always ask the driver if we could have a look in the cab and most usually obliged. It was only a year after this that I discovered aircraft.
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Mike Dodd
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Re: A few of my railway photos

Post by Mike Dodd » Wed Jan 20, 2021 4:53 pm

Nice images in some great light! I also think the Fifties looked best in rail blue- Network South East made them look like a fairground attraction ! Like Graham I too have fond memories of Western Region hydraulics being a west country boy and the final years of steam mainly on the Somerset and Dorset line.

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