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Stansted Northside spotting notice

Please post movements and activity at any other location not specified above which handles military movements within the United Kingdom.
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Stansted Northside spotting notice

Post by TB1 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:00 am

Please see Andy's thread over on the Civil Aviation site regarding access

https://www.civilianaviation.co.uk/foru ... 37&t=29408


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Re: Stansted Northside spotting notice

Post by EF-111 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:17 am

So, the mindless minority have spoiled it for the responsible majority once again :grr:
Can't say I am surprised by this notice. I know Harrods also used to get p***ed off by people regularly wandering into their car park.

Regards, Steve

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Re: Stansted Northside spotting notice

Post by marinergaz » Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:19 pm

This goes back to the threads weve seen time and time again on here and other sites, the "got to get that one last pic / serial brigade" who do indeed spoil it for the majority. Its probably been caused by persons not bothering to look on here for info and blindly just going round parking and walking where they like. Who knows, but there must be more than one for the sign to have been installed. I'm not a regular but when I do visit I always check reports on the status of access so I dont spoil it for the regulars and those not so regular sensible folks. I was there just before Christmas, parked in the car park, stayed away from the fence, didnt photograph or read off everything because I couldnt, nobody died and my life wasnt ruined because of it, but not everybody thinks like that. I witnessed a car drive up, park near the terminal, driver got out with 'scope in hand and scour the fence before walking into a car park. Even after pointing at the sign on the fence I was totally ignored, maybe I should have been a bit more forceful but I really dont think it would have made a difference, a shrug of the shoulders and he was gone, damage done. Its sad but as said in previous threads, it will continue to happen, no matter how many warnings or words in shell likes are had, probably because they never see these posts or even care.

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