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RAF 100 Flypast

Seen a military aircraft recently but NOT at one of the bases or airfields listed below? Maybe it flew over the top of you today? Need to tie up the serial? Ask in here. Requests less than 6 months old only please.
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RAF 100 Flypast

Post by Harpic » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:02 pm

Help needed in completing the list of serial numbers of the aircraft which took part in the RAF 100 flypast.

Does anyone have the serials of all the Chinooks and the three Pumas I believe one of them was XW217
I need conformation of one of the Hawk T.1 as some people have it down as XX246 whilst other people show it as Hawk T.1 XX248/CA

Lancaster PA474 with 3 Spitfires PS915 MK356 and 2 Hurricanes. 1 Spit & the 2 Hurricane needed.

Beech 200 (Shadow) x 2 I Believe one was ZZ417
Hercules x 2 I Believe one was ZH887

Thanks in anticipation

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Re: RAF 100 Flypast

Post by Nighthawke » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:08 pm

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Re: RAF 100 Flypast

Post by Reallyoldgeezer » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:58 am

Don't know if you managed to sort info out but hope this helps: (I'm still missing the 3rd Puma, so any info would be much appreciated.

Puma XW217, ZJ956/Y +1

Chinook ZA670, ZA683, ZA704, ZD574, ZK559, ZK561

Jupiter ZM500

Juno ZM518, ZM519

Dakota ZA947

Lancaster PA474

Hurricane PZ865 LF363

Spitfire PS915, MK356, TE311

Prefect ZM305, ZM306, ZM319

Tucano ZF142, ZF239, ZF287, ZF290, ZF291, ZF348, ZF374, ZF407, ZF512

Shadow ZZ417, ZZ418

Hercules ZH887 ZH868

Atlas ZM416

Globemaster ZZ172

Bae146 ZE700

Sentinel ZJ692

Voyager ZZ330

Rivet Joint ZZ665

Sentry ZH103

Hawk T1 XX318 XX246, XX205, XX321, XX303, XX348, XX255, XX202, XX339

Hawk T2 ZK010, ZK012, ZK013, ZK020, ZK025, ZK028, ZK030, ZK031, ZK032

Tornado ZA543, ZA546, ZA585, ZA588, ZA597, ZD792, ZD849, ZG752, ZG775

Lightning II ZM145, ZM147, ZM148

Typhoon ZJ802, ZJ916, ZJ920, ZJ939, ZJ942, ZJ950, ZK301, ZK304, ZK306,ZK307, ZK308, ZK310,
ZK312, ZK314, ZK316, ZK318, ZK319, ZK320, ZK342, ZK354,ZK357, ZK383

Hawks (Red Arrows) XX219, XX244, XX245, XX278, XX310, XX311, XX319, XX322, XX325

Best Rgds

Chris S (Reallyoldgeezer}

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