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Coventry airshow 30-5-1988

Got a hole in an old log? Empty lines in your notebook? Request that missing serial here, hopefully someone can help. Requests over 6 months old only please.

Coventry airshow 30-5-1988

Postby phantoman13 » Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:30 am

Hi all
Long shot but does anyone have a log from the airshow at Coventry 30 May 1988 this is the show where the Meteor Crashed


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Re: Coventry airshow 30-5-1988

Postby STEVIEJAWS » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:57 pm

Hi Steve ,

Not complete by any means but this is what I've managed to put together from pictures of the show posted on the web .

G-AHGD DH.89A Dominie ( Ex. NR786 )
G-AMPY C-47B Dakota ( Ex. KK116 )
G-AMRK Gloster Gladiator ( Ex. L8032 )
G-ASJV Spitfire ( Ex. MH434 )
G-AZBN AT-16 Harvard ( Ex. FT391 )
G-AZSC AT-16 Harvard ( Ex. FT323 )
G-BECL CASA 352L ( Ex. T-2B-212 )
G-BJAX Pilatus P-2 ( Ex. U-108 )
G-BKFW Percival Provost ( Ex. XF597 )
G-BLSC PBY-5A Catalina ( Ex. JV928 )
G-BOML HA.112 Buchon ( Ex. C.4K-107 )
G-BTWR P-63A King Cobra ( Ex. 42-69097 )
G-BYDR B-25D Mitchell ( Ex. 43-3318 )
G-CTIX Spitfire ( Ex. PT462 )
G-HAEC CA.18 Mk.22 Mustang ( Ex. A68-187 )
G-LFIX Spitfire ( Ex. ML407 )
G-WREN Pitts S-2A
F-AZDX B-17G Flying Fortress ( Ex. 44-8846 )
F-AZHN T-28C Trojan ( Ex. 140547 )
F-AZLL L.12A Electra Jr
N167B A-26B Invader ( Ex. 33-34602 )
N167F P-51D Mustang ( Ex. 44-73877 )
N240CA F-4U-4B Corsair ( Ex. NZ5628 )
N6827C TBM-3E Avenger ( Ex. Bu.91110 )
N94466 P-40E Kittyhawk ( Ex. AK933 )
WF791 Gloster Meteor RAF ( w/o )
XV218 C-130K Hercules RAF
__-_____ WR A-10 USAFE

Hope this helps .
Regards Steve............
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Re: Coventry airshow 30-5-1988

Postby STEVIEJAWS » Wed May 24, 2017 2:06 am

Courtesy of BAR

Military participants at the 'Bank Holiday Air Show' on 30.5
comprised: XV741/I Harrier GR.3 233 OCU; XX325/X, XX283/Z Hawk
T.1A's 2 TWTJ/151 Sqdn; XV300 Hercules C.lP LTW; WF791 Meteor T.7 CFS; WL747/47
Shackleton AEW.2 8 Sqdn; TF956 'T/123' Sea Fury FB.11, LS326 'L2' Swordfish II both
RNHF; 80005, 80025 both 'OH' bl F-tilE's 20thTFW, In addition, U-6A 82062 and Gannet
T.2 XA508 'GN/627' were moved from the Midland Air Museum site and were on Show as
part of the static display.
Pseudo-military a/c present: 'H0275' (N5063N) Beech 0.185. with Harvards EX280
(G-TEAC), FE992 (G-BDA!4). 'Vr239' (G-BIWX), '588' (G-HAEC) Mustang; XL502 (G-BMYP)
Gannet AEW.2; MH434 (G-ASJV) Spitfire IX; 'WR41O' (G-BLKA) Venom FB.54; WZ507 (G-VTII)
Vampire T.11; N94466/SIJ-E P-40E, 'JV928' (G-BLSC) PBY-5A, 133722 (NX1337A) P40-7;
485784 (G-BEDL) B-170, 430823' B-25, 02+600' (G-BFHG) Casa 352L.
The show was marred by the crash of Meteor T.7 WV791 which came down close to a
housing estate on the edge of the airfield. Tragically the pilot was killed.
Regards Steve............
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