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Cosford Airshow 2007

Got a hole in an old log? Empty lines in your notebook? Request that missing serial here, hopefully someone can help. Requests over 6 months old only please.

Cosford Airshow 2007

Postby Widget 01 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:07 pm

Does anyone have a full log for this particular airshow on the saturday, including the Jags and JPS outside at the end of the airfield...
Many Thanks, any help would be much appreciated!
Ben :D
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Widget 01
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Re: Cosford Airshow 2007

Postby STEVIEJAWS » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:44 pm

Not complete but best I can do .

AB910 Spitfire
PZ865 Hurricane
VR930 Sea Fury FB.11 RNHF
XP820 Beaver AL.1
XX205 Hawk T.1A
XX378 " Q " Gazelle AH.1
XX447 " D1 " Gazelle AH.1
XX727 Jaguar GR.1
XZ338 " Y " Gazelle AH.1
XZ384 Jaguar GR.1
XZ647 " Z " Lynx AH.
XZ729 " 675 " Lynx HAS.
ZA947 Douglas Dakota C.3
ZD261 " 674 " Lynx HAS.
ZF295 " 295 " Tucano T.1
ZA670 Chinook HC.2
ZA726 " F1 " Gazelle AH.1
ZJ251 " 51 " Squirrel HT.1
ZJ921 " BW " Typhoon FGR.4
ZG729 " M " Tornado F.3
ZG780 " XXV " Tornado F.3 Spc c/s
ZE204 " FC " Tornado F.3
ZH103 E-3
ZH886 Hercules C.5
G-AMPY Douglas C-47B Skytrain
G-AOTY " WG472 " Chipmunk T.10
G-BSAJ CASA 1.131E-3B Jungmann
G-BWUE " Red 1 " HA-1112-M1L Buchon
G-BYXM Grob G-115
G-EIII Extra EA 300
G-KITT P-40M Kittyhawk
G-OFFO Extra 300
G-RAID " 26922 AK-402 " AD-4NA Skyraider
G-SIJJ " 44-72035 " P-51D Mustang Jumpin Jaques
G-UHIH " 72-21509 " UH-1H
G-ZEXL Extra 300L
G-ZXCL Extra 300L
G-ZXEL Extra 300L
SE-BOG PT-13D Kaydett " Team Guinett "
N5057V N2S-3 Kaydett " Team Guinett "
HA-YAW Sukhoi Su-29
Regards Steve............
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