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US West coast coast bash April /may 1997

Got a hole in an old log? Empty lines in your notebook? Request that missing serial here, hopefully someone can help. Requests over 6 months old only please.

US West coast coast bash April /may 1997

Postby eagle driver » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:09 pm

This is carried over from the earlier Nellis/Long beach 1997 Thread
This may be something of an idea where we could all get together to clear up each others queries from around this time.
I certainly have loads from places like Tustin, El Toro, Miramar, El Centro Lemoore, North island ,Fallon etc .
all of which we had tours on mostly in the week in between Fallon and Nellis shows plus through to the following D M show.

The Idea being everyone who has questions regarding serials from this period posts there queeries here and we see what comes out.
I will start the ball rolling with Lemoore Nas 01/05/97
Some may remember this date as 40 odd of us were split into two groups unfortunately the air boss had kittens seeing so many people on his ramps at the same time and chucked everybody out, some people only made it to the west ramp others just the east ramp and a few made it into some of the hangers, nobody I knew got anywhere near a full log.
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Re: US West coast coast bash April /may 1997

Postby eagle driver » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:47 pm

Gate guards
156763 A-7 /NL301
142094 A-4
137602 A-1E NK401
161366 FA-18A NH201

NJ VFA-125
164879/300,164865/301, ------/302, 164907 /305 ,164912/306, 163438 /307,163776/314, 164220/316, 163486/320, 163510/334,162843/360,164058/344, 163500/331,163700/335, 163497/324, 163991/342,163092/351, 164029/352, 163102/354, ------/417, 163501/332,164068/345,164266/317,162876/327,164005/341,163098/357,163488/322.
NG VFA-146
164899/300 164900/400CAG
NK VFA-115
163440/201,163456/204 163458/205, 163470/206, 163481/207,163498/212 163439/216
162835/200CAG, 162880/202XO , 162830/203, 163100/204, 163107/205, 162860/206, 163124/207, 163106/210, 163144/211,
NK VFA-113
163494/302, 164638/304, 164634/306,164682/310, 164686/311
164637/402, 164642/404, 164654/406, 164660/407, 164676/410, 164681/411, 164262/412,164257/U/M
NH VFA----
NH VFA ---

The vast majority of these were taken from the west ramp and this is just what my party managed to log, I would appreciate if anyone has anything from the east ramp .

Mods i would appreciate your views on this with the posibility of expanding it into a section.[/quote]
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