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Middle Wallop AAC Open Day 1994

Got a hole in an old log? Empty lines in your notebook? Request that missing serial here, hopefully someone can help. Requests over 6 months old only please.
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Middle Wallop AAC Open Day 1994

Post by Vulcan44 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:08 pm


Can anyone assist with details of a/c appearing at the Middle Wallop Army Air Corps Open Day in 1994. Would greatly appreciate any help.



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Re: Middle Wallop AAC Open Day 1994

Post by STEVIEJAWS » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:54 pm

From BAR

14th - 15th May


85-25480 AH-64A B/2227thAVN
3870 AOC SA.3142M ALAT/7eRHC
1085 ATD SA.330B ALAT/7eRHC
HU.10-79 ET-249 UH-1H CEFAMET
H-245 Hughes 500M RDAA
H-246 Hughes 500M RDAA
P-288 AS.550C-2 RDAA
P-320 AS.550C-2 RDAA
H-05 OT-ARE Agusta 109H0 FTB/18 Sqdn
H-25 OT-ATG Agusta 109HA FTB/18 Sqdn
NZ3802 UH-1H RNZAF/3Sqdn
B-38 Bolkow 105CB KLu/299Sqdn
B-71 Bolkow 105CB KLu/299Sqdn
A-536 Alouette III KLu/298Sqdn [inside Exhibition Hangar]
T-315 AS.332 Swiss AF
V-232 Alouette III Swiss AF
V-280 Alouette III Swiss AF
03305 45 Hkp3 Swedish Army
09203 03 Hkp9 Swedish Army
135140 KH-T CH-135 CF/403 Sqdn
136210 KH-E CH-136 CF/403 Sqdn
136251 G9-M CH-136 CF/430 Sqdn ( AG664 )
XV725 C Wessex HC.2 72 Sqdn
XW207 - Puma HC.1 230 Sqdn
XZ937 V Gazelle HT.2 2 FTS
XZ941 B Gazelle HT.2 2 FTS
ZB647 CU/(5)40 Gazelle HT.2 705 Sqdn
ZB649 CU/(5)43 Gazelle HT.2 705 Sqdn
ZB673 P Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
ZB693 Gazelle AH.1 AETW
ZD285 - Lynx AH.7 DRA
G-285 B Kirby Kite I AAC Museum
VR-CDD MD.520N Air Hanson
ZS-NJE C-47A SAAF ( KG391 AG )

The Swiss Super Puma and two Alouette III's departed at 0800hrs on the Sunday morning, while
670 Sqdn Gazelle AH.1 XZ333/A swopped places with ZB673/P in the static.
The Spanish UH-1H had the former US serial 78-23182
The New Zealand a/c is ex 65-9769
while the South African Dakota ZS-NJE was formerly 6867, and was due to depart to Coventry after the show, on delivery to its new owner.
The white Dutch Alouette III carried elephant symbols to mark 5 missIons carried out in Cambodia.


165046 AH-1W Bell-Textron
F-ZWWW Tiger Eurocopter
ZU-AHC Rooivalk Atlas


WD325 N Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WG323 F Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WK559 M Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WP925 C Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WP928 D Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WP930 J Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WZ882 K Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
XL814 Skeeter AOP.12 AAC HF
XP820 Beaver AL.1 AAC HF
XR244 Auster AOP.9 AAC HF
XT131 B Sioux AH.1 AAC HF
XT626 Scout AH.1 AAC HF
XW846 M Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XW848 D Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XW851 (C)H Gazelle AH.1 3 CBAS
XW853 CU/(5)53 Gazelle HT.2 705 Sqdn
XW865 C Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XW892 - Gazelle AH.1 658 Sqdn
XW897 (Z) Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XW908 E Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XX371 - Gazelle AH.1 12 Flt
XX375 - Gazelle AH.1 658 Sqdn
XX385 X Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XX389 - Gazelle AH.1 652 Sqdn
XX392 A1 Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XX393 N Gazelle AH.1 2 Flt(TA) ( Australian roundels )
XX394 X Gazelle AH.1 2 Flt(TA)
XX399 Y Gazelle AH.1 2 FIt(TA)
XX408 (Y) Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XX414 - Gazelle AH.1 1 Regt
XX416 N Gazelle AH.1 657 Sqdn
XX431 Gazelle HT.2 VLSF
XX438 N Gazelle AH.1 661 Sqdn
XX442 E Gazelle AH.1 658 Sqdn
XX443 - Gazelle AH.1 662 Sqdn
XX445 - Gazelle AH.1 664 Sqdn
XX446 CU/(5)57 Gazelle HT.2 705 Sqdn
XX447 - Gazelle AH.1 658 Sqdn
XX448 - Gazelle AH.1 654 Sqdn
XX449 Y Gazelle AH.1 657 Sqdn
XX453 3 Gazelle AH.1 656 Sqdn
XX454 Z Gazelle AH.1 657 Sqdn
XX455 - Gazelle AH.1 661 Sqdn
XX457 2 Gazelle AH.1 2 Fit(TA)
XX460 - Gazelle AH.1 654 Sqdn
XZ175 Z Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
XZ179 - Lynx AH.7 669 Regt
XZ193 I Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
XZ199 - Lynx All.7 664 Sqdn
XZ207 - Lynx AH.7 669 Sqdn
XZ211 X Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
XZ220 - Lynx AH.7 669 Sqdn
XZ221 - Lynx AH.7 1 Regt
XZ222 - Lynx AH.7 655 Sqdn
XZ290 F Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ300 L Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ308 V Gazelle AH.1 657 Sqdn
XZ310 (U) Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ311 - Gazelle AH.1 6 Flt(TA)
XZ313 K Gazelle AH.1 663 Sqdn
XZ314 A Gazelle AH.1 666 Sqdn
XZ322 N Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ324 - Gazelle AH.1 3 FIt (TA)
XZ325 T Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ327 B1 Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ329 J Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ332 0 Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ333 A Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ334 S Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ337 5 Gazelle AH.1 656 Sqdn
XZ342 - Gazelle AH.1 662 Sqdn
XZ344 (F1) Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
XZ609 - Lynx AH.7 669 Sqdn
XZ611 Y Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
XZ617 - Lynx AH.7 664 Sqdn
XZ641 G Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
XZ643 N Lynx AH.7 661 Sqdn
XZ650 - Lynx AH.7 1 Regt
XZ651 3 Lynx AH.7 656 Sqdn
XZ652 T Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
XZ664 - Lynx AH.7 652 Sqdn
XZ675 E Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn ( ex-S' of 670 Sqdn )
XZ676 N Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
XZ679 5 Lynx AH.7 656 Sqdn
XZ680 - Lynx AH.7 652 Sqdn
ZA737 (V) Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
ZA769 K Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
ZB629 Gazelle HCC.4 32 Sqdn
ZB666 (G) Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
ZB672 V Gazelle AH.1 662 Sqdn
ZB688 H Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
ZB689 N Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
ZD272 H Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
ZD274 N Lynx AH.7 657 Sqdn
ZD276 6 Lynx AH.7 656 Sqdn
ZD277 - Lynx AH.7 669 Sqdn
ZD278 A Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
ZD279 C Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
ZD283 P Lynx AH.7 671 Sqdn
ZD284 H Lynx AH.7 1 Regt
ZE375 2 Lynx AH.9 659 Sqdn
ZE382 3 Lynx AH.9 659 Sqdn
ZF538 1 Lynx AH.9 653 Sqdn
ZF539 5 Lynx AH.9 659 Sqdn
ZF540 6 Lynx AH.9 659 Sqdn
ZF644 EH.101 WHL
ZG512 Harrier GR.7 4 Sqdn
ZG845 Islander AL.1 AFWF
ZG847 Islander AL.1 1 Flt
ZG859 Harrier GR.7 4 Sqdn
ZG884 Lynx AH.9 WHL
ZG914 G Lynx AH.9 653 Sqdn
ZG918 10 Lynx AH.9 659 Sqdn
ZG920 8 Lynx AH.9 653 Sqdn
ZG922 9 Lynx AH.9 653 Sqdn
85-25485 AH-64A B/2-227thAVN
A-350 Alouette III " Grasshoppers "
A-390 Alouette III " Grasshoppers "
A-398 Alouette III " Grasshoppers "
A-453 Alouette III " Grasshoppers "
A-465 Alouette III " Grasshoppers "
F141 G SE.5a replica ( G-SEVA )
C9533 K SE.5a replica
F5459 Y SE.5a replica ( G-INNY )
N6847 DH.82A ( G-APAL )
N6985 85 DH.82A ( G-AHMN )
P6382 C Hawk Trainer ( G-AJRS )
S1287 5 Flycatcher Rep. ( G-BEYB )
T5424 DH.82A ( G-AJOA )
DE992 DH.82A ( G-AXXV )
DF128 RCO-U DH.82A ( G-AOJJ )
FS728 Harvard IIB ( G-BAFM )
LB375 Taylorcraft +D ( G-AHGW )
MT438 Auster III ( G-AREI )
PT462 - Spitfire T.IX ( G-CTIX )
RT486 PF-A Auster 5 ( G-AJGJ )
RG333 Messenger 2A ( G-AIEK )
TW467 Auster AOP.S ( G-ANIE )
TW536 TS-V Auster AOP.6 ( G-BNGE )
VS610 K-L Prentice T.1 ( G-AOKL )
WE569 Auster T.7 ( G-ASAJ )
XL809 Skeeter AOP.12 ( G-BLIX )
XR240 Auster AOP.9 ( G-BDFH )
425/17 Fokker DRI replica ( G-BEFR )
F-GHHL AS.350B-2 Eurocopter
G-ACDJ DH.82A Private
G-ADLY DH.87B Private
G-AEFT Aeronca C.3 Private
G-AKKB Gemini Private
G-AZDG Beagle Pup II Private
G-BSBW Jet Ranger 3 Private
G-BTFK Taylorcraft BC-120 Private
G-FLYV T.67 Firefly Private
G-IZEL SA.341G Private
G-OTSW Pitts S.1E Private
N5057V Stearman Private
N707TJ Stearman Private
44-73877 B6-S P-51D ( N167F )
44-74008 VF-R P-51D ( N51RR )
51-11701 AF-528 C-45H ( G-BSZC )


W5856 A2-A Swordfish RNHF
LS326 L2 Swordfish RNHF
WB271 R/204 Firefly AS.5 RNHF
XV236 Nimrod MR.2P Kinloss Wing
ZE790 AW Tornado F.3 56[R] Sqdn
HD346 ND-V B-25D ( N88972 )
XE677 Hunter F.4 ( G-HHUN )

All of the above flew on the Sunday, however, due to poor weather, only the two Swordfish
made it on the previous day


Hangar 1

XW795 Scout AH.1 ( fuselage, white c/s )
XX378 Gazelle AH.1 667 Sqdn
XX417 Gazelle AH.1 667 Sqdn
XZ339 Gazelle AH.1 667 Sqdn
XZ187 Lynx AH.7 667 Sqdn
XZ606 Lynx AH.7 667 Sqdn
XZ670 Lynx AH.7 667 Sqdn
ZD281 Lynx AH7 667 Sqdn
ZE379 Lynx AH.7 667 Sqdn

Gazelle AH.1 XZ339 plus Lynx AH.7's XZ187 and XZ606 were all outside on the Friday and flew

Hangar 2

XP893 Scout AH.1
XR379 Aiouette AH.2 AACHF
XT625 Scout AH.1 " XR777 " [ax-Sutton Coldfield]
XV131 Y Scout AH.1
XZ214 Lynx AH.7 9 Regt
XZ349 Gazelle AH.1 3 Flt(TA)
XZ605 (L)Y Lynx AH.7 3 CBAS

Hangar 4

WB565/X Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WB615/E Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WB647/R Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WB654/T Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WB693/S Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WB754/H Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WG321/G Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WG432/L Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WK512/A Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WK586/V Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WK620/T Chipmunk T.10 (fuselage only)
WP964/Y Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
WP983/B Chipmunk T. 10 BFWF
WZ711 Auster AOP.9 ( G-AVHT )
WZ884/P Chipmunk T.10 BFWF
XM553 Skeeter AOP.12 ( G-AWSV )
XP907 Scout AH.1 AAC HF
XT151 Sioux AH.1 AAC Centre
XX405/C1 Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
ZA777/B Gazelle AH.1 670 Sqdn
ZG848 Islander AL.1 1 Fit
ZG993 Islander AL.1 AFWF

SAE Stockwell

XP848 Scout AH.1
XP853 Scout AH.1
XP8814 Scout AH.1
XP888 Scout AH.1
XP905 Scout AH.1
XP910 Scout AH.1
XR627/X Scout AH.1
XR635 Scout AH.1
X5597 Scout AH.1
XV124/W Scout AH.1
XW796 Scout AH.1
XW860 Gazelle AH.1
XW863 Gazelle AH.1
XW888 Gazelle AH.1
XW889 Gazelle AH.1
XZ195/T Lynx AH.7
XZ613/F Lynx AH.7
TADO07 Lynx
TAD009 Lynx
TAD11 Lynx
TAD012 Lynx
TADO13 Lynx
TAD001 Gazelle
TAD002 Gazelle
TAD043 Scout AH.1
TAD900 Gazelle



WZ724 Auster A0P.9 remains on display at the main entrance.


XN494/43 Jet Provost ( ex-1 SoTT, Halton )
XK988 Whirlwind HAR.l0 ( ex-AAC Museum )
are both withdrawn from use on the far side


The only aircraft remaining here are parts from Lynx prototype XW836 (ex-BDR)
and the front fuselage of Scout AH.1 XP857 (Hong Kong anniversary c/s).

Museum Of Army Flying

D7560 Avro 504K
N5195 Pup ( G-ABOX )
NX534 Auster AOP.5 ( G-BUDL )
TJ569 Auster AOP.5 ( G-AKOW )
TK777 Hamilcar I ( fuselage only )
TL659 "KJ351" Horse Mk.2 ( BAPC.80 )
WZ662 Auster AOP.9 ( G-BKVK )
WZ706 Auster AOP.9 ( G-BURR )
WZ721 Auster AOP.9
XG502 Sycamore HR.14
XK776 ML Utility
XL738 Skeeter A0P.12
XL813 Skeeter AOP.12
XP806 Beaver AL.1
XP821 Beaver AL.1
XP822* Beaver AL.1
XP847 Scout AH.1
XR232 Alouette AH.2
XT108/U Sioux AH.1
XZ795 MQM-36A
51-11989 L-19 Bird Dog ( N33600 )
AE-406* UH-1H ex-Argentine Army
AE-409 656 UH-1H ex-Argentine Army
A-533 Pucara ex-Argentine
G-AXKS Bell 47G
- Hafner 11-2 (BAPC.10)
59614 DH.2 replica (BAPC.112)
243809 Waco CG-14A (BAPC.185)
P-5 Rotachute Mk.3 (8381M)
8662M/H* Whirlwind HAR.10 (XR458)
"8415" Hafner Rotaplarke (BAPC.163)

Aircraft marked with an asterisk (*) were outside.

'94 was a good show , remember it well(ish) !
Regards Steve............

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Re: Middle Wallop AAC Open Day 1994

Post by Vulcan44 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:20 pm


Thanks for coming up trumps again. You're right it was a good show and would have been even better if I hadn't lost my log!! Greatly appreciate the time and effort putting all this info together.

Regards Vulcan44

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